Block 451: June 1, 2014


Is it that I have an unrealistic expectation of what this work is? That things should be better?

Date: June 1, 2014

Crane: 451

Days Spent on Project: 468

Location: Conway, Arkansas

Person I would have sent it to: Dawn L.

One more Crane for the wardrobe team that was assembled for the off-Broadway production of Fela! back in 2008.

Fela! was performed at what was the 37 Arts Complex, past Ninth Avenue on 37th Street. I think the building has since been bought out, remodeled, and turned into a Dance Center.

Fela! was a deceptive show; between the female and male ensemble, the few named characters, the band, and any swings/understudies, we filled all the dressing rooms made available to us. The men were crowded into a men’s bathroom. The musicians dressed on a separate lobby space on a floor that wasn’t being used. The women got the one actual dressing room. The lead… he had another bathroom.

Dawn took over for Luanna a few weeks into the preview performances. She came in, sized up the situation, and got that department under control. At the time, I was working on notes and shopping by 9am, I would come in during the afternoon for notes and deliveries, and stay through the performance. I’d leave around midnight. There was one week that I worked well over 100 hours- I was working hourly, which was awesome, but I was not paid overtime, which was upsetting.

How thankful was I that Dawn came in and took over some of the responsibilities? How grateful was I that Dawn helped me keep things organized through the show’s closing? Immensely.

She no longer lives in New York. In fact, she’s in Los Angeles!

I want to go back to Los Angeles.

Music I listened to while sewing: I’m sitting in the costume shop this morning. I’m therefore listening to some sewing machines humming in the background.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the back: Feeling really down this morning.

I’m at that point where there’s not that much for me to do here. I’m waiting for the shop to get more clothes finished so I can have another round of fittings. This means I have a lot of time to sit around at the theater and question my choices… rethink costume pieces… rethink the quality of work that’s happening here.

Should I be a bit pickier with what’s going on here? Yes. Should I be disappointed? Not necessarily.

I have to keep telling myself that resources are slim to non-existent here. This production was never going to look like what I drew months ago; I wish someone involved at this theater had told me they couldn’t do all this and not “We can’t wait to do this.”  I just have to get it all functional and wearable and presentable. That’s all.

I feel like I’m officially phoning this in now, and I’m feeling really bad about it.


Not gonna say anymore.

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