Block 450: May 31, 2014


Another grey and wet day in Arkansas.

The show opens in 11 days!

Date: May 31, 2014

Crane: 450

Days Spent on Project: 467

Location: Conway, Arkansas

Person I would have sent it to: Luanna M.

Back in the summer of 2008, the production manager for Fela!’s off-Broadway run hired Luanna as our wardrobe supervisor. Marina and I sat at a large table in the kitchen area of that studio on 22nd Street we had rented for the summer. The production manager was also at the table. Luanna brought her resume, we talked, and she left with the job.

At that point in my career, I had worked with theaters and wardrobe supervisors before. The position was not new to me. Their work load was not either, having worked at the Yale Rep during my time at the Yale School of Drama. But, still, I learned a lot from Luanna and how to work as a wardrobe supervisor: how much time in involved, how people depend on you, how your presence and dependability is important.

Years later, when I was still living on the Upper East Side, I went to the Starbucks on the corner to grab a cup of coffee. Behind the counter, at the register, was Luanna. I pretended not to remember her.

Music I listened to while sewing: Today, I’m sitting in the dressing room and rocking out to the Dance Music playlist, courtesy of Spotify. Nothing’s grabbing my attention so far, but the day just started.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: I’ll admit quickly that I finally snapped on Thursday and called out (in person) some of the higher-up’s here in Arkansas on the lack of communication, support, resources, and consideration for the staff working in their theater. I may not be asked to come back in the future, but I’m more than fine with that.

Almost immediately afterwards, I was asked to design another show at Providence College. It would be their middle production of the school year, my third show with them over three academic years.

Haven’t read the script yet, obviously, but it’s a three person play set in the 18th Century, specifically from 1774-1794. I love that period- so much happens in that 20 year period! My mind started racing with possibilities and dreaming of all the research I’ve already got on my bookshelves back in New York.

This, of course, brings up the issue: what am I doing with my life after Arkansas? I enjoy working with the Providence College Theater Department. The people are nice, they work hard, and they aren’t afraid of a challenge. Their budget is larger than what I’m working with here in Arkansas (crazy!). They’d also pay me more than this theater in Arkansas (crazy!). I said I’d do it without thinking.

However, I don’t know if I have the heart to go back to New York yet.


2 thoughts on “Block 450: May 31, 2014

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  2. getting that job offer was the universe speaking to you! “come back to new york”
    (you said yes to it without thinking….there’s your decision. you want to come back.)

    here’s me speaking to you. “please, come back.”
    (okay, that was selfish on my part….here’s me saying what i really mean….”do what you think will make you happiest, even if that means not coming back to NY”)

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