Block 439: May 20, 2014


I really need some motivation today.

Date: May 20, 2014

Crane: 439

Days Spent on Project: 457

Location: Conway, Arkansas

Person I would have sent it to: Sarah G.

When I came back to New York after a summer away in Wisconsin, I signed on to design a production for the New York Musical Theatre Festival. I was replacing a designer who dropped out at the last minute, but I felt I could make the most of the situation.

I did research into the world (1960s and spies, a la James Bond and Austin Powers!), and started tackling some sketches.

Sarah was the show’s director; I think she and I met and talked once about what the show looked like. We went out to have lunch at a diner on 42nd street on Theatre Row. That was probably the only conversation we had during the process.

Looking back, I wasn’t being realistic with the production. There was hardly any money involved. There was no support. I actually never even saw the show because I was too busy running wardrobe and adjusting things for the constantly changing script. But, still I had visions of grandeur and awesomeness, when I should have just gone to Forever 21 and H&M and called it a day. Not to sound down about it, but how else do you tackle a musical with no resources?

Music I listened to while sewing: Since I needed a little bit of a boost this morning, I’ve got that dance music playlist on this morning.

I really need to wake up; I was up until 2:30am or so this morning, unfortunately. Coffee is needed!

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: This is my eighth day in Arkansas!

Today, I’m going to get driven around Arkansas so we can go shopping. I haven’t been so excited in a long time to go shopping.

The objective today is convince a few local store owners to DONATE clothes from their stores since there isn’t enough money to finish the show. I’m renting wigs today from a friend I’ve worked with frequently; he’s cutting me a deal, fortunately, as he understands the kind of situation we’re in down here. I’m using a tenuous connection at a university down here to get access to their costume stock; I have no idea what they have in there, but any additional support would be helpful.

The next time I sign on to do a show that doesn’t even have money to buy tights, socks, undershirts, underwear, bras, shoes, belts, or suspenders, hair/wigs, make-up, wardrobe supplies, I should really be more realistic and shop the entire thing from H&M or Forever 21. If they insist there just isn’t money for it, why is it my job to beg people I know for help?



2 thoughts on “Block 439: May 20, 2014

  1. do you ever think of starting a “costume shop” where you could build a huge inventory of costumes, materials, wigs, supplies that are readily available to people such as yourself, but try and keep prices minimal so low budgets can still be accommodated?? basically rentals for reasonable prices. would that be an idea that would work or be successful and be able to also be profitable? just an idea. might be worth exploring. i don’t know the details behind theatrical productions and all it is that you do….but i’d be interested in learning and exploring possibilities?!

  2. there is only $24 trillion in off shore savings, i’m sure they could lend you some cloth, this is the little house on the prairie in the year 2014, loads of money around but too many empty hearts, hope your inspired!

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