Block 436: May 17, 2014


The sun came up this morning. Sort of.

Another day…

Date: May 17, 2014

Crane: 436

Days Spent on Project: 454

Location: Conway, Arkansas

Person I would have sent it to: This one will be weird, but this one is for Nick F.

I worked with him at Peninsula Players. We overlapped on one show there that summer; he played a character in the contemporary farce we did, and needed to wear a full Scottish outfit within the play (it was written in). To save some money, I was able to rent the full outfit from a Chicago theater. It arrived, and the kilt was not in perfect condition. It had a hole in it. We darned it back together.

When the show was done, and after we had the outfit dry cleaned and returned, the theater called Nick to ask why I had ruined the outfit. Nick would later explain to me that the theater was put off by me and wouldn’t work with me again, that I couldn’t treat other people’s property with disrespect, and that he came to my defense saying I ” didn’t know better as [I] was young.”

All for trying to patch a hole that had previously existed on a garment I rented and paid for.

I’ll never forget that, how angry I was. To have someone accuse me of doing something without talking to me at all but still siding with the other party just because I was “young” and obviously at fault.

Music I listened to while sewing: This morning, back to the old favorite… Fort Fairfield.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: I stayed up until 1am this morning. Three of us went out to find something quick and easy to do, which meant getting milkshakes (for TWO DOLLARS?!). We were up late, talking about rehearsals and the area in general, which also meant we were comparing it to New York and Brooklyn.

I’m actually glad, as much as I’m a little unmoved by being right here in Arkansas, that I’m not in New York right now.

One actor was talking about a burlesque career. Another was talking about his theatre career in NYC. They both talked about the need to hustle in the city… it’s a city that thrives on it, the movement, the pace, the energy. And as I listened, I thought: you know, I have my dog, I work from home most of the times, I do the work I can, I don’t go out to fancy bars or restaurants or stay out late drinking and carousing with people…

So, why do I live in New York again?

Also, I’m at an age where I do not need to be drinking milkshakes at midnight.

Finally, I was promised a gym down here. There is no gym. This needs to remedy itself soon.

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