Block 434: May 15, 2014


Last night I dreamt that I was back in the house of my youth in Indiana. I was unendingly thirsty and, upon opening the refrigerator for anything to drink, I would discover a series of different sized, but all almost empty, orange juice containers. Incredibly dry-mouthed, I would take out each bottle and try to drink the remaining juice from them, only to realize the juice had turned bitter and very sour. Frustrated, and even more thirsty, I started to pour out plastic bottle after plastic bottle of orange juice… only to hear a designer friend from New York walk loudly past me, talking about an amazing, money-filled opportunity that she was being offered. I continued to empty out orange juice into the sink. I looked up, hearing my parents asking me what I was doing and saw that piles of my costume renderings were in stacked and ready to be taken out to be recycled. I kept pouring orange juice into the sink and turned on the water.

What does that mean exactly?

Date: May 15, 2014

Crane: 434

Days Spent on Project: 452

Location: Conway, Arkansas

Person I would have sent it to: Layna D.

Layna came to Peninsula Players towards the end of the summer of 2007. I think she came on board right as we were finishing Little Shop of Horrors, that beast of a production, so I feel like we all must have seemed like zombies when she first met us.

Layna was hired as a intern, I think, specifically for the costume shop. Sam, the shop manager, was leaving to go back to her grad school soon and they needed a replacement. Since the rest of the season was relatively small, they hired Layna to help. So, Layna spent some time with us in the costume shop as we geared up for the straight forward production of Doubt, which was also my last show of the season.

Afterwards, it must have been later that fall, I got a call from Layna. She had decided to move to New York to see what life was like there. We met for drinks one night at Angel’s Share in the East Village, soon after she arrived in town. We spent some time reminiscing about the Peninsula Players experience and talking about New York. I was still living in Brooklyn at the time, and she was lucky enough to be living in Manhattan with a relative.

I’m not sure how long she stayed in New York City. I know she’s back out in Wisconsin and still active in the theater scene in Milwaukee.

Music I listened to while sewing: Fort Fairfield! I haven’t listened to them in a while!

I tried to find some of their CDs when I was out in LA and had the chance to visit Amoeba, the huge (destination) music store. They didn’t have any of them though. Sad face.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Well, it is my third day in Arkansas and what do I want to do today…

First thing first, get dressed in warm clothes. Why is it so cold in Arkansas? I almost expect to see snow or frost when I look out the window.

I miss LA.

Which is weird to say.

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