Block 424: May 5, 2014


Happy Cinco de Mayo.

I also tried Sriracha for the first time last night. Delicious.

Date: May 5, 2014

Crane: 424

Days Spent on Project: 442

Location: West Hollywood, CA

Person I would have sent it to: The summer of 2007, I went to Wisconsin to work at Peninsula Players for the summer. Of their five show season, I would design their middle three productions- Unnecessary Farce (the comedy), Little Shop of Horrors (the musical), and Doubt (the “important” play). Each show had a two and a half week production period to be built, a day or two of tech, then it would open.

Looking back, at that production period, I remember always feeling behind and unprepared. But, with such a small period to prep and realize the show’s designs, how could I keep it all under control. Sure, with Doubt, the process was easy; for that show, I hired a friend of mine in Louisville to build the nun’s outfits with wool I ordered from Mood and bought a vintage dress online and sourced the priest’s outfits from vintage stores and eBay. That process was easy and simple. For the other two productions, it wasn’t always smooth.

But, it was a valuable lesson/experience as far as design goes. I did learn a lot.

Yesterday’s Crane was for Greg, the director of the first show (Unnecessary Farce). That show was very straightforward. The hardest part of the process was one character’s specialty outfit; I needed (as indicated in the script) a more authentic kilt. I had to rent pieces of that, but still had to source the hat, the accessories, the shoes… that wasn’t easy.

Today’s Crane will be for Shawn S. From Chicago, he worked on musicals primarily and had worked with Pen Players frequently in the past. We talked once over the phone before I left for Wisconsin.

For the record, let it show that Little Shop is a BIG show, regardless of what someone tells you. I’ve seen the production before. I’ve seen the movie countless times. It isn’t a small show, and therefore trying to replicate a pre-existing idea is not ever an easy idea.

Music I listened to while sewing: I’ve got LCD Soundsystem on this morning. I’m listening to Dance Yrself Clean, on repeat right now.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: After yesterday’s day off, I’m more than ready to tackle the last 6 days of rehearsals for our workshop. We’re at the halfway point, and I think (I really do) that we’re gonna succeed on our goal of getting all the “play” roughed in by tomorrow night/early Wednesday. It’s also entirely possible that we’ll start adding tech elements (sound and lights!) around Tuesday.

I’m not sure how polished the piece will be next weekend when we present it to an audience. But that’s beside the point maybe? We’ll have had 10 rehearsals to piece together a lot of ideas about staging and movement and story, alongside with tackling ideas of “what makes something ACTUALLY immersive” instead of just performing around an audience. I think the students are learning a lot. I know they’re having fun.

I’m learning a LOT, like I’ve said before. And I’m having a LOT of fun doing this, which I may not have implicitly stated yet.

This- the chance to work on an immersive experience, being in LA, seeing friends and hanging out, all of it- has been exciting and very much needed.

The jury is still out on LA, but I’m very glad to have had this time.

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