Block 423: May 4, 2014


Happy Star Wars Day.

Date: May the Fourth, 2014

Crane: 423

Days Spent on Project: 441

Location: West Hollywood, CA

Person I would have sent it to: Greg V.

When the summer of 2007 came rolling around, I had three design jobs in Wisconsin at a summer stock company. I left New York to visit my parents in Indiana, pick up my car that they had babysat for the past year, and drove up to a very remote part of the state. Within 24 hours, I had gone from LaGuardia airport and New York, to the middle of the forest in the midwest. I remember, my first night there, using the light from my cell phone to guide myself through the trees to the cabin that would be my summer home for two and a half months.

That’s not something I experienced in Brooklyn.

The first show I designed there, Unnecessary Farce, was a new play. I believe there had been one other production previously. I enjoyed it; as a farce, there were lots of people running in and out of doors and mistaken identities and misunderstandings.

Greg was the show’s director. He would also appear in another show later that summer.

Years later, I would run into him in Hell’s Kitchen in New York. He was starring in the last revival of West Side Story on Broadway. I have a feeling he’s no longer out east; he might have moved back to the midwest, possibly?

Music I listened to while sewing: Today, I have the television on and I am watching actual TV! Will and Grace! Yay! (Their clothes are so baggy!)

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Well, it’s Sunday here in LA and I have nothing to do!

It’s my one day to be a tourist, which apparently means my friends are going to take me shopping on Melrose.

Even when I don’t have to think about clothes, people want me to think about clothes. Hm.

Anyway, rehearsal ended yesterday and we’re much farther along than we ever thought. Which is amazing. Can’t wait for Monday so we can dive back in.

Off to Melrose!

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