Block 422: May 3, 2014


Saturday. Much to do today, then a much appreciated day off tomorrow!

Date: May 3, 2014

Crane: 422

Days Spent on Project: 440

Location: Glendale, CA

Person I would have sent it to: Jim A.

Through my connection Alison C., I met a friend of hers named Jim in the Spring of 2007. He was looking for a costume designer for a short film that he was working on, to be used for… well, I was never sure if he was going to use it to pad his portfolio, just get experience, use it as a tool to get in film school… I never knew why he was going to make this short film, but he had raised the money to do so (strange how it’s “unusual” when people actually raise the money for their pet projects… I’m so used to working with people who say “do it for nothing.”), and I soon signed on.

If ever anyone could be defined as an “Alpha Gay,” Jim could be it in my opinion.

He commands attention. He’s pleasant. He attracts people to him. He has ideas. He acts on those ideas. He makes things happen.

Since that film, his life took a bit of a turbulent ride, he tried living elsewhere (maybe LA for a bit), came back to New York, tried several big and new jobs, got interest/attention for doing said jobs, and even found a husband (a doctor no less…).

I practically never see him because his life took off in a different direction than mine, but I am thankful for having met him and worked with him on that one project. It’s always good to work next to people who have a vision and can make their visions happen. It’s always good to work with people who believe in you and what you do.

Music I listened to while sewing: Nothing this morning. It’s too early and I need to be quiet in the work space I’m in…

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: You know, if anything, this working vacation in LA has taught me so much that I would NOT have learned if I had stayed in New York right up until my trip to Arkansas for Pippin. Yes, it’s additional time away from my apartment, my dog, my creature comforts of my own apartment. Yes, I’m basically couch-surfing with friends and finding myself really dependent on LA’s public transportation system here to save money.

But, the lessons I’m learning have just really been invaluable. It’s interesting for me to realize that I *like* the LA that I’ve experienced so far. It’s interesting for me to realize the text that I’ve written as a backstory for The California Project *isn’t* bad. It’s interesting how I feel ownership over the backstory for TCP. It’s interesting that I have opinions about how it should be treated. It’s interesting that I’m getting more and more ideas how to keep working on it. It’s interesting to think that I’m not that bad at leading rehearsal and that I have ideas. It’s interesting to realize that I want to figure out a way to keep working on it, for their to be a second incarnation of The California Project… but to do so, I’m realizing I need money for that production and space and a team of designers and a specific kind of actor for the cast.

It’s interesting to realize how much sunlight and blue skies can make a difference.

All valuable lessons.

Anyway, this has to be short this morning, I have a drive back to rehearsal this morning and I have to get ready… and allow time to find a place for coffee.

Miss my dog still.

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