Block 420: May 1, 2014


Apparently, yesterday in New York, there were horrid rainstorms all day that will continue into today.

I’m so glad to be in Los Angeles right now.

Date: May 1, 2014

Crane: 420 (giggle)

Days Spent on Project: 438

Location: West Hollywood, CA

Person I would have sent it to: Andrew A.

So, if yesterday was dedicated to the “Coffee Shop Boy,” I’ll dedicate this crane to another guy I dated a few times that first year in New York. It was towards the late Spring of 2007; again, I don’t remember the specifics of how or when we met. But, I do remember meeting up with him on Bleeker, and then hanging out in the East Village all evening (and then night). We went to MaryAnn’s on Second Avenue for dinner, and then a few bars afterward. I talked about Fashion History. He talked about the Olsen twins.

I was really taken with him, and the East Village that first year in the city.

We ended up hanging out with each other for three weeks, having fun mostly. It wasn’t meant to turn into anything, however; after that three week period, I would be heading to Wisconsin for an entire summer, while he would be leaving New York at the end of the summer to go to Yale (how fitting!).

So, I guess it never would have evolved into anything. But I kinda wish it had more time to develop. Just to see.

Music I listened to while sewing: The person whose apartment I’m couch-surfing in this week listened to Natalie Weiss this morning. Apparently, I’m devoid of pop culture by not knowing who she is…

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Oh, LA. It’s another sunny day here! It’s just SUNNY! It. Just. Is. Sunny.

How is that possible?

People, meanwhile, are complaining that it’s too hot. Sure, the temperature says it’s in the mid-90s but this is the driest heat wave I’ve experienced in a while. In NYC, when it gets to be in the mid-90s, the air turns to soup that smells like human waste.

Yesterday, I smelled flowers wherever I went.

Anyway, the workshop… day three was last night. More progress, and I think I started to really figure out how to work with the kids and how to use them within the piece.

I think, ultimately, I’d like to take down the scale of the workshop a bit. In my mind, I’ve been trying to figure out a larger sequence for the entire piece, thinking that we could build into that. But, last night, I think we stumbled across some work that might provide a good structure to work within.

I think the kids, unknowingly (but with some prodding), took a step to creating something on their own and it worked. And I’d like to give them ownership of what they created, help them flesh it out and work on the details. They showed us a 15 minute piece. I think we could turn it into at least a half hour by getting specific and connecting all the tissues we saw.

And I think we’ll get some interesting choices made. I’m not sure I agree 100% with them, but they’re good to explore, you know? Maybe I wasn’t aware of things that I needed to be aware of.

Now, we just need to figure out how to get an audience…


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