Block 408: April 19, 2014


I heart New York.

Some days.

Date: April 19, 2014

Crane: 408

Days Spent on Project: 426

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Alison C.

My first year at the Brown/Trinity Rep Consortium, Alison was the lighting designer hired to light the eight productions that academic year. She was also, hands down, my first New York City friend.

How could you not become friends with a person who would meet you once a week at Penn Station at 6am, and then take a three and a half hour train ride to Providence, RI for an hour long production meeting? I still remember the first time meeting her, at that ungodly hour in the Amtrak area in Penn  Station. And how she spent some of her train rides watching Grey’s Anatomy on her laptop, while I tried to spend the hours whittling away at my “show paperwork.”

And over the years, through the years, those Penn Station trips turned into meetings for coffee or dinner or movies or walks in the parks. We always would spend a great deal of time talking about theater, boys, work, New York, television, etc. She would introduce me to several of her other friends that she had met through other theater jobs. That group of people would turn into pizza fueled viewings of Mad Men, drinks in Hells Kitchen, parties at random apartments, and so on. Because of Alison, I felt like I had my first group of friendly people in the city, and so I owe her a huge deal of thanks.

And, while she, and those friends, were a great anchor for me in those years, I think we’ve all drifted apart as life has sent us on individual paths. I don’t know exactly. I haven’t seen Alison in at least three years, I think.

Around 2008? 2009? Alison transitioned away from designing for theater to a job working with the Metropolitan Opera. She stayed with that job for a few years; the security of that work (and paycheck) let her start working on something that she had been trying to do for years… writing. She was always a big fan of young adult fiction, and got me hooked on The Hunger Games and any number of new works coming out. She worked hard at her first novel, and her second, and worked even harder towards getting an agent and making herself a presence in the writing world.

And it paid off, she did get an agent and her book did get picked up and was published last year. (It’s called “Red,” and is most certainly on sale wherever books are sold! [Or at least Barnes and Noble and Amazon]). She’s been working on her second, and I think that was has a publishing date too.

She’s on a good path now.

Music I listened to while sewing: Dragonette. They’re pretty cool!

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: I think I need to work on a few things that all swirl around the notion that I need better self-confidence.

I worry about being along? Well, then, grow a pair and start going out and being seen.

I worry about not getting better work? Well, then, grow a pair and start emailing and calling and reconnecting with all the people that I’ve worked with and all the people I want to work with.

I worry about not having the right experience? Take a minute and look at my resume; look at the work I’ve done and realize I haven’t been spinning wheels alone and wasting time. I do have experience and knowledge and skills. Put them out there.

I worry about The California Project? Well, this is about learning about the process of creating and staging an idea THAT I CAME UP WITH. If it doesn’t exactly work, who cares? There are no stakes. There’s no job hanging in the balance with this. I need to remind myself that this idea has sparked a big interest in me- it excites me- and figure out what your realistic goals are and then pursue it.

I worry about Pippin? It’ll be for a theater in Arkansas. Sure, there’s not much money or support, but the people involved are fun so JUST HAVE FUN.

Grow a pair, sir. Allow yourself to have some fun and some confidence and experience.

On a side note, I got 9 hours of sleep last night; I feel so much better.

Happy weekend.

One thought on “Block 408: April 19, 2014

  1. sleep is good! and play in california is a great thing (i spent two years on the central coast for a job assignment and miss it still)

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