Block 405: April 16, 2014


Nose, meet grindstone.

Date: April 16, 2014

Crane: 405

Days Spent on Project: 423

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Katie B.

At the Brown/Trinity Rep Consortium, each design discipline had one year-long resident designer. I was the “resident” costume designer for the 2006-7 academic year, and then the second half of the 2007-8 academic year.

That first year, Katie was the sound designer for the eight productions. A local from Rhode Island, she also had a day job at a local Starbucks in downtown Providence. I didn’t take advantage of that as much as I should. (I never did.)

I enjoyed having her on the team. She was funny. She was off-beat. She had a good sense of mixing music into the shows that she worked on. (A lot of the students at the BTRC were really interested in “musicalizing” the texts that they did. I don’t know if they were encouraged to do so, but it was certainly a trend for a while.) To this day, I can’t listen to Courtney Love and Hole (their song “Dying” specifically) without thinking of Katie, and her work for a production of Hedda Gabler.

After the end of that year, designing with the BTRC, she moved away from Providence. She had been accepted into the sound design program at the Yale School of Drama. I was really happy for her; I thought she would get a lot out of the program, and also give back to the program with her skills.

She now is back in Providence, from what I hear.

Music I listened to while sewing: Philip Glass this morning and his work for The Hours and Notes from a Scandal.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: I’m still a little overwhelmed by the upcoming travels and work I’ve got lined up.

I don’t think I’m prepared for The California Project. I’m meeting with friends today and tomorrow to talk over how to lead rehearsal, how to work with Viewpoints, how to approach my own text… how to NOT be the designer in the room, but more of the director. I was going through the script I have last night, looking through the parts I left purposefully vague and sketchy, and realized that a lot of the ideas that have been churning in my head aren’t written down anywhere.


So, I spent some time last night roughly adding in bits of details and trying to figure out how to quickly sketch in more of the action.


The prep for Pippin continues. I have no idea how I’m going to do ALL this work with the money they’ve given me… Since when did costume design become about bartering for favors? (“Can you knock off a few dollars a yard and I’ll promise to buy this from you for another show?”) I was going to splurge and buy some clothes from H&M for my lead (fancy), but I may even be priced out of trousers for 29.99.

So, in the turmoil that is me trying to understand my own text and a role as a director/playwright for one project, and then dealing with the very limited budget constraints of another, I’m going to post a link to the Ira Glass quote about taste and the need to just KEEP DOING THE WORK.

Here’s the link. 

Keep doing the work.

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