Block 388: March 30, 2014


The Dog let me sleep in today.

Well… besides needing a walk before 6am. He let me sleep in afterwards.

Date: March 30, 2014

Crane: 388

Days Spent on Project: 406

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Kirk S.

Oh, the early to mid “Aughts,” when a thing called Friendster still existed and was used to socially connect with people. Kirk “messaged” me out of the blue, introducing himself. We must have had a friend in common (somehow, somewhere in the Yale/New Haven community, right?), I suppose. The message turned into a stream of back and forth conversations; we finally decided to meet up at the grad school bar one evening.

That date turned into dinner another evening, and then another dinner with some of his friends, and then a day trip to New York one weekend to see the Gilbert Stuart exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and dinner at Pastis (!).

Things, soon after, tapered off after that day.

Although the last date we went on was to see the movie Closer. In case you’re wondering, it isn’t a good date movie.

Whenever I hear the song “Toy Soldiers,” by Maritka, I always think about him. I think he now lives in Brooklyn, and I have no idea what keeps him busy these days.

Music I listened to while sewing: I’ve got Postmodern Jukebox playing on Youtube this morning. I enjoy them mightily.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Another interview this afternoon. I’m not sure what this job entails or will be about exactly, but it’s another possibility!

Even with two dance pieces to design and build in the next three to four weeks, I feel a bit lost. Most all of my time for the last two weeks was dedicated to preparing for an interview that happened on Thursday.

Now, having to wait for the results, I’m really unfocused. I need to get my head back on track. Pippin starts in a month and a half, so I should finish all those sketches. The California Workshop happens… well, I fly to LA in four weeks. Time to focus on that, too.

Time to focus, yes.

I’ll admit that there are times when I wish that I knew if I were doing the “right” things. I worry that I’m not sometimes.

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