Block 380: March 22, 2014



Today, I realize how deceptive some of these pictures can be.

This crane is actually a very bright yellow, and the background is black, grey, and gold.

Date: March 22, 2014

Crane: 380

Days Spent on Project: 398

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Mike W.

Mike was another one of the dramaturgy students at that Yale School of Drama. In my year, he was friends with Yana R, the dramaturgy student-turned-director who would cast me in all those Cabaret shows. In fact, I think it was through Mike that I met Yana.

During our first year at the YSD, the television show “The OC” was quickly becoming a must-see pop culture. experience. Shown on Wednesdays, which happened to be the graduate student bar’s weekly “Two for One” night, a group of dramaturges would convene at the bar to drink and revel in that show’s… um… “melodrama,” I guess.

I believe, however correctly or incorrectly it may be, that I met Mike at one of those Wednesday drinking nights. He would then introduce me to Yana. Mike and I, back to the point, had the chance to hang out together briefly. He taught me that the New York Post is actually embarrassing.

I ran into Mike two years ago, just after having opened a show on Broadway, so I was feeling thoroughly included in the New York Theater Scene (things change!). We were both at a weekend matinee preview of a new play. He’s still involved in theater, working for company based in Brooklyn.

Music I listened to while sewing: Today, Spotify told me that Tycho had a new album. Apparently, I listen to their music a bunch on Spotify, as the service likes to remind me, so I’ve got that group on today.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: After an hour long Skype session with a friend (in Sweden!) yesterday, I feel like I’ve got more of a firm hold on the interview that I’ve got this Thursday.

Instead of being overwhelmed by this task, I’m just going to have to reframe the experience as an opportunity to enjoy. Portfolio review? Sure! Teaching a masterclass? Why worry; I’ve taught them before! A lunch meeting? I like to eat and talk, of course! Meeting with shops? I do that all the time! Meeting with professors? I know several, and they’re human just like me!

This experience is the perfect opportunity to go through my various show portfolios and clean them up and evaluate which drawings best show my work. It’s giving me the opportunity to go through my show photos and print the ones that best show off my designs. I’m even going back retouching some sketches with color, because why not!

This experience is the perfect opportunity for me to take one of my suits to the dry cleaners!

This experience is the perfect opportunity for me to think about what I’d like to say about “design conceptualization, and- in fact- decide what that term means for me!

This experience is the perfect opportunity for me to experience taking a bus from Port Authority!


Shift the perspective. It’s not a task, it’s an experience. It’s a chance. It’s an opportunity.

I think I’ll allow myself to get to the gym after all.

Happy Saturday.

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