Block 375: March 17, 2014



It’s Saint Patrick’s Day.

I suppose I should take credit for using blue and green snakeskin fabric today and say it was on purpose, but…

Date: March 17, 2014

Crane: 375

Days Spent on Project: 393

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Beth M.

Beth was another student at the Yale School of Drama, and I believe she was in the Theater Management program. She graduated a year or two ahead of me, so we didn’t overlap very much.

Beth is now a producer in New York City, with her own company, which was written about in the New York Times recently. She’s someone to watch.

Beth was the producer who got behind our production of Elfriede Jelinek’s Sleeping Beauty and made the transfer to South Korea happen back in 2008. All the paperwork, all the flights, scheduling, rehearsals, all the nitty gritty of getting a group of actors, a director, and a technical crew was managed by a one woman army.

Again, as I think back on all the people I met and worked with at Yale years ago, and then start to see their names pop up in projects and in companies and productions and so on; it’s really amazing- and humbling- to think that we all have that time in New Haven together, you know?

Music I listened to while sewing: I’ve got that Dance Music playlist on this morning again. I needed the pep to get me started.

I can’t believe it’s the start of another week.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Had the opportunity to meet with the director that I worked with last fall, on my first web-series. Tuesday is the official launch day for Oh, Liza, and it seems that the content turned out to be pretty good.

We spent a few hours over coffee talking about projects we have in the pipelines and how things are going in New York. We’re roughly the same age, but she’s still only a year and a half into living in New York; she admits that she’s still at a point where she’s finding her feet in this city.

I did manage to get her to talk me through mu upcoming California project. I know she’s a director who works frequently with devising work, sometimes physically, and tries to figure out non-traditional ways of staging traditional works. I really wanted to pick her brain on physicality and getting a group of undergrads of various skill levels to work together and create an piece through physical movement. How do you get them ready to devise something?

And at the end of two hours, my brain was on fire and it felt like new connections were forming and making sense and that I had a more focused direction. I also felt like I had a whole bunch of work ahead of me and that I really need to start diving into this NOW. I’ll admit I have a bit of a handicap, coming to it as a designer first and a director last, so I need to do more prep work to get on page one. I feel. I think.

So much to read. So much to write down. So much to think about and play with.

I have to get my head wrapped around the fact that I need to step up a bit more. I see something very (“sort of”) clearly in my head and I don’t know the specifics of it yet (that’s what actors and designers and a choreographer could provide!), but I need to find the steps (the experiments?) that will allow myself to unlock more answers or a solid direction and a path to doing the whole thing again with more accomplished/experienced actors with maybe, hopefully, a production value behind it. (Granted, that might be a year or two down the line.)

There are so many possibilities and if I were brave enough I think I’d see this as an exciting opportunity and not something “irresponsible.”

I need to be brave enough not to allow myself to come home and think my thoughts and ideas and then focus on the impracticality of what I’m doing and the amount of stuff I don’t know .

Why can’t I see it as a chance to learn about things I don’t know?

Why can’t I see it as a chance to flesh out my skills as a theater person?

Why am I not allowing myself the ability to evolve confidently?

Not to mention the emotional and mental strain of that… it just wastes time…

Okay, Monday! A run at the gym is a priority. A quick meeting with a choreographer this afternoon about a quick project. Then, back to thinking and reading and researching.

And trying to figure it all out.


One thought on “Block 375: March 17, 2014

  1. I say… following a dream is NEVER irresponsible — the price you pay for listening to your fears is so much worse — a life of quiet calcification… not at all the movement you are seeking!!! 🙂

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