Block 352: February 22, 2014



There were birds chirping outside my window this morning!

February 22, 2014

Crane: 352

Days Spent on Project: 371

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Clarissa W.

Clarissa was a draper in the Yale Repertory Theatre’s costume shop. She works alongside Robin in the same room.

Clarissa was always incredibly nice. She somehow managed to keep all the strong creative personalities in that room in check and under control.

My second year, she built a Victorian Dress for me. I chose linen; I now think that was the wrong choice. But she did an amazing job with it. My third year, she built one dress for my production of All’s Well That Ends Well. I took my sketch and design idea from a Dior New Look dress; she got the silhouette and proportions right and the dress looked great on the actress. Weirdly, I chose a shantung for that dress. (Why? I think I was more drawn to the color- a berry tone- but I could have easily found something a little more glamorous than shantung… Shantung is not the greatest of fabrics.)

I always liked working with those two drapers- Clarissa and Robin. They were gung-ho for most anything.

Although there was time I asked Clarissa to sew patches onto a costume “badly.” I wanted the stitching uneven and noticeable. Clarissa looked a little flustered by a designer asking her to do something not up to standard, but she did a great job nonetheless!

Music I listened to while sewing: I’ve got “Chateau Marmont” on this morning.

I can’t decide if that’s an actual group making music inspired by the location, or if this is actual music they play in there…

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Had a weirdly intense dream last night.

I dreamt that I was staying in a hotel that was made out of brown-maroon bricks; two towers that rose high in the sky and were cylindrical in shape. In my dream, I thought they were the Barbican Centre in London, but the Barbican doesn’t look like that…

As I was walking in, I noticed that a man was walking alongside me- but not with me. It was Philip Seymour Hoffman. While I liked and respected his work, I’m not someone who was drawn to him or made a point to see his films. Still, when you’re walking next to a celebrity, there’s always that question lingering in you: “Do I say hi? Tell him his work is phenomenal? Smile? Just let him walk by?

We walked through the lobby, heading to the elevators. Out of all the elevators that could have come, only one did, and we both got on. I pressed the button for the twentieth floor; he pressed the one for the twenty-second. In my dream, I knew that was the Penthouse because he had to insert a special card for the elevator to stop there.

Instead of stopping at my floor first, the elevator went straight to the twenty-second. As he moved to walk out the opening door, I did work up the nerve to say I really enjoyed his work and smile. He turned to me and offered me a small gold object.

He asked if I wouldn’t like a bottle of Malbec. He didn’t have one on him. I was confused, but are you going to say no to Philip Seymour Hoffman if he asks if you’d like a bottle of Malbec?

In my dream, I looked at the small metal object, believing it to be a key or a ticket of some kind. It had words written on it. I thought it said Malbec on it, but it looked foreign?

The door closed after him, and the elevator went to my floor. As I walked down a long hallway, not really knowing which room I was going to, ahead of me I saw a designer I had assisted six years ago. I recognized her by her accent, mannerisms, her height. She was talking to a wardrobe mistress about remounting the same production- an opera- I had worked on with her. There was a team of stitchers, wig people, and a wardrobe crew doing the show’s alterations. I turned around, trying to avoid her, but as I turned a corner down a different hallway, she caught up with me.

Except she was dressed as a man. She told me she was in disguise.

I woke up before I could figure out what she was hiding from.

Happy Saturday!


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