Block 338: February 8, 2014


I’m having a very #firstworldproblem kind of morning, and it’s not even 9am!

Date: February 8, 2014

Crane: 338

Days Spent on Project: 357

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: David T.

David T. was technically at the Yale School of Drama in my year, and also the year below. He started my year as in a one year internship position that turned into being accepted as a design student the next year. He graduated the year after mine.

And so there were many nights, spent hanging out with the sound designers and the technical production students, and David was always a part of that.

The TDP students and the sound designers brought me into a Friday night tradition my second year: Beers. Every Friday night, I forget when it started, the TDP students and other invites would be invited out for… it’s obvious… beer, usually from a keg. The gathering would then migrate to a local Mexican dive restaurant, Viva Zapatas, where usually more than a few orders of nachos and incredibly cheap but really potent margaritas would be added on.

I was young(er) then.

Music I listened to while sewing: Ani Difranco’s Living in Clip this morning.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Where to begin!

Very productive yesterday! Got a lot of stuff crossed off the list. Got a chunk of writing started (even if it’s not very great, it’s typed up now and out of my head so others can read it). Fair amount of shopping done for the web-series.

I have to say, I’m incredibly glad I turned down the job offer to design a production of A Winter’s Tale that would be happening now that had a budget of $300. That had 12 actors, 21 characters, easily 30 costumes, two time periods, two entirely different countries, etc. I was told it was only possible to do it by pulling from the actors’ closets. I’m glad I walked away…

… because this web-series has about 13 actors, a budget of $250, and I’m also pulling as much as I can from their closets, but it’s so so so so so so so hard to get it right this time. The script is super specific about its needs and the looks required to make it “work.” I’ve spent $205, sometimes flirting my way into a sale or discount on certain clothes, only shopping at the “99 cent stores” of clothes for things like discontinued shirts and pants that are marked down to $4.99 and buying accessories from HALLOWEEN and PARTY STORES… and I’m still banging my head against a wall. I have to buy a pair of insect wings today; I think there’s another Halloween store I can go to that keeps them in stock for under $20. I have to find a trashy/sexy bustier (or THREE) for hopefully $10 a piece.

And AND AND I’m not even gonna tell you about the evening wear I had to buy for a scene that I’ll have to return after the shoot tomorrow. (They’re only seen for a page of dialogue; it’s a three hour scheduled period to shoot.) I’m slightly morally opposed to doing this, but there’s no way to make an evening gown in a day for $15… IS THERE?

It’s really frustrating, in some ways. BUT it’s a good learning experience. I’m actually learning a little bit and meeting some fun people and reconnecting with a former colleague from Chicago… so, win win? Maybe?

I won’t even tell you how much I’m getting paid. I’ll let you hypothesize.

Cheers! Off we go to find trashy bustiers and insect wings!

What are YOU doing today, hmm?

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