Block 337: February 7, 2014



Ray. Dee. Ate.

Date: February 7, 2014

Crane: 337

Days Spent on Project: 356

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Arielle E.

Each class year at Yale, there were 10 “visual” design students… belong to the sets, costumes, and lighting design areas of theater. There were also three sound designers. Even though we shared a building for classes (“the Annex”), we didn’t necessarily overlap much in class. In fact, the visual designers were only asked to take one class in sound design- our second year and with the new first year sound design students.

Arielle, along with the past two Crane dedications to Sharath and Andrew, was the third sound designer in my class year.

Even though I didn’t take classes with my class year of sound designers, I spent a lot of time hanging out with the group of them… I don’t know what people thought about that, or even if they did at all… but there camaraderie was something I was drawn to. Maybe I just needed a break from taking classes and working 24 hours a day with the same group of people, but my sound designer friends were a good group to cling on to at times.

I don’t know who started it actually, but they brought me into a weekly tradition eventually: Not New Haven Dinner. Every Sunday possible, a group of people would get together and drive away from New Haven for dinner anywhere else; it usually ended up being any number of local chain restaurant. Granted the food was anything special- I mean, Friday’s and On The Border or The Olive Garden hardly count as fine dining- but it was so great to be a random group of people, away from the theater, talking about whatever, and so on.

So, I have to thank my sound designer friends for bringing me into that.

Music I listened to while sewing: I discovered a group called Postmodern Jukebox a few months ago. I’ve been listening to and loving their covers of Katy Perry’s Roar (done in a “Vintage Motown” style) and Miley Cyrus’s We Can’t Stop (in a “1950s Doo Wop” style) this morning. PMJ’s work is actually sometimes LEAGUES BETTER than the originals.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Back on track yesterday. Got back to my schedule of working on the few projects I have currently going on. Was in bed by 10. Slept til 7am. Feel much better this morning.

I spent a few hours drawing for Pippin yesterday. I really like drawing this show; I have to figure out a way to make all my production drawings like this.

I worked for a few hour on the next week’s web-series. Realized that I’m basically donating my time to a company that knows better. For a budget of $250 for an entire season of episodes, working with Broadway professionals, and needing a series of fantasy costumes… it doesn’t really add up. I’m starting to ask if this is some kind of test. As I email/call actors asking them to provide things and hearing them respond that they don’t have certain things (“No, I don’t have a Japanese Geisha outfit… or any kind of kimono…”), I’m wondering what the expectations of the project and myself are. Oh well. It’ll be done after Tuesday.

And the writing for California trudges on. Need to figure out a way to make that be more of a priority… but there isn’t a set schedule yet. We’re still trying to figure out the scope of the work. So I guess we’re on track?

TGIF; so much to do and thankful for it.

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