Block 333: February 3, 2014



Snow storms all day!

Date: February 3, 2014

Crane: 333

Days Spent on Project: 352

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Anya K.

Anya was a first year student, a costume designer, my third and final year at the school. She came to New Haven from New York, but had a very present Russian accent. I never did ask for the specifics about that… when did she move to the States? was she born here? what?… but I always enjoyed the intensity of how she spoke.

I also love the lore behind how she got herself into Yale. Apparently she got in touch with one of the costume designer professors, showing a few of the examples of her sketches and work. She was told to keep practicing, take figure drawing, get more comfortable with watercolor, etc. She applied the next year, and got in. That’s the story I was told- I have no idea if it’s true or to what degree it’s true- but I love that again it shows how dedicated and strong she is to working in this field and getting her work out there.

She now, I think, is part of the re-emerging trend of having a production designer instead of separate set and costume designers.

She’s also been incredibly supportive of this quilting endeavor, admitting that she’d love to have the money to buy this quilt in its entirety when I’m done with it. I think she gets the scope of the project.

Music I listened to while sewing: Dance music. Dance music. Dance music! Nothing memorable, I guess, just a lot of fast and uptempo songs.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: That groundhog wasn’t kidding, was he?

The weekend felt like a strangely early spring with temps finally breaking into the 30s; I wore t-shirts under a jacket for both days! I woke up this morning to strong winds, dropping temps, and heavy and fast snowfall. My dog has gone back into hibernation. I’m wondering how long I can put off going outside.

Today, I’ve given myself that commandment that I must sit down at my desk and draw Pippin sketches for an hour. I really just need to dive in with that production. I have the research, it’s time to throw ideas on paper and see what sticks.

I also need to sit down at my computer and re-edit and re-write that story for California. I’ve been putting this off for weeks because I know what I’m going to write might throw a wrench into the April plans… I’m going to cut about a quarter of the work. And re-work it. And re-write it. And re-direct characters. I just have to do it, get these ideas out of my head and into text.

Other than that, the gym calls. The dog needs to be walked. A web-series needs to be addressed before we film next week (I’m waiting for the production company to finalize things… nothing important… just, you know, a CAST before the shoot starts in 6 days). Weee!

Off to survive the snow.

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