Block 328: January 29, 2014



Feeling neutral.

Date: January 29, 2014

Crane: 328

Days Spent on Project: 347

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Thom W.

The second year at the Yale School of Drama is interesting; I think it’s a reminder that there is always something or someone newer and fresher and more interesting right around the corner. The second year students “graduate” to a different building where there have three large rooms that serve as their studio space. My classmates and I divided ourselves into three groups, claimed our preferences/tribes/rooms, and set about doing another year of class projects and our first school productions. I would soon start the year off juggling a Much Ado About Nothing, a Streetcar Named Desire, a Pagliacci for costume class, A Flying Dutchman for set design, who knows what for lighting (The Front Page?), and a few Intro to Sound Design projects. I would also work on one playwright’s thesis (and I just found that play at the Drama Bookshop on 40th St; my name is in it as the premiere’s costume designer!) and then a admittedly misguided (on my end) production of an Ibsen play.

Thom W. was one of the designers in the class below me. As a lighting designer, like all lighting designers at Yale, due to their limited number (two per year), Thom was also assigned to design that Ibsen.

Thom is now based in Philadelphia, and I think he’s got a pretty strong career there. Actually, I think he’s got a very strong and present career in that city; he’s an artistic director at one of the local theaters there.

Music I listened to while sewing: I started the morning off with Doris Day. Surprise!

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: On a scale of 1 to 10, my self-esteem is probably about a four today… just below average.

I have two design meetings today. For one of them, I’ll need to pitch myself and my work… It’s a job that pays nothing, has no budget to work with, but it’s a friend calling for help.

The second is another design pow-wow about this summer’s Pippin. I was confident about the direction- I’ve been told “depression-era circus-” and the research I have is fun and inspiring. It’s not as scary or edgy as it needs to be, so I feel like I’m not 100% there yet.

I need to focus myself on this writing project for California. I got an email from an assistant who’s been selected to work with me. So “collaboration” on that needs to start happening. I feel wonderfully hopeful, inspired, excited by it… and also terrified, embarrassed, and intimidated by its scope.

Living the dream.

Off to make a pancake or two.


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