Block 323: January 24, 2014



Guess who’s going back to Sleep No More again tonight? Trip number nine!

Date: January 24, 2014

Crane: 323

Days Spent on Project: 342

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Blythe Q.

Blythe was the third set designer, in the third-year design class when I was a first-year at the Yale School of Drama. She was lucky enough to design two productions for the Yale Rep that season- The Black Dahlia and King Lear- both very ambitious projects.

If Sandra G’s desk was to the immediate right of the door leading into the third year studio, Blythe’s was to the immediate left. It’s the spot I would, in my third year, occupy actually. There would be many times when I would walk into the third year studio- to talk to any number of them, get advice from them, or look at their work- and I’d see Blythe’s back as she hovered over her desk, working on whatever project she was attached to at the time. One time, as she wore a thin strapped tank top, I noticed that she had the most amazing tattoo of wings (bat wings? gargoyle wings? skeletal wings?) over her shoulder blades. It was totally unexpected and amazing and appropriate in ways.

I don’t know what’s keeping Blythe busy these days, but I do now she’s out in New Jersey now and has to adorable kids, whose pictures I see on Facebook every once and a while.

Music I listened to while sewing: I started out with my Great Gatsby Playlist, but then switched over to my Sleep No More playlist… because, come on, I have to get into the mood for tonight. Obviously. I still haven’t made up my mind what my plan of attack for this evening will be; last week’s visit accomplished both of my goals.

Time to make some new goals. MacDuff? the Witches? Danvers?

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: I did something to my shoulder blade yesterday. I noticed it after I left the gym, and started to feel a pinch between my left shoulder blade and my spine; it started faintly, as just an inconvenient sting whenever I turned my head to the left, but quickly became more present. I got home last night and tried to massage whatever it was out.

This morning, it’s a full-on, un-welcomed guest, and very tender.

It’s still thoroughly winter and cold. My dog’s walks outside last maybe a minute or two. He had an accident (in my bathroom, wonderfully and weirdly) while I slept last night. I’m ready for it to warm out of the single digits.

Despite the sore shoulder, I’m still going to the gym today.

I’m also wondering how hard it would be to disappear. Well, not completely disappear, but just go away. I don’t think anyone would notice.

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