Block 322: January 23, 2014



So, I’ve now seen more than a few of these cranes that have been made by other people. I know I didn’t “create” these cranes or the 1000 Origami Crane Legend, but I’m feeling flattered.


Date: January 23, 2014

Crane: 322

Days Spent on Project: 341

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Sandra G.

Sandra was another one of the brilliant third years (and I do mean brilliant) when I was a first year at the Yale School of Drama. The third year studio space was a very small and cramped room on the second floor of the Design Annex on Park Street in New Haven. The first year studio was across the hall.

Sandra’s desk was to the immediate right of the door. When you walked in, her area was the first you’d probably see.

There was a time, during my second year at the YSD, when one of my aunts was visiting so her son could tour Yale. I showed them inside the theaters and the drama buildings, proud of the spaces and that I was a part of that experience. My aunt was floored how old everything was… how “thrown together” things seemed. My parents, also visiting in the fall of that second year, commented on how interesting it was that I made them stop walking around the campus to help me dig a door out a dumpster; I told them it was exactly what I needed to make a desk for my studio space. “Isn’t this Yale?,” they asked.

Space and resources were strangely at a premium in the design department when I went there. I guess being thrown into small rooms with ten classmates, designing non-stop for three years, was a part of the insane charm.

Anyway, back to Sandra… she was one of the three set designers that year. During our first design project my first year, she taught me how to make an 1/8th inch spiral staircase for my set model late one Friday night. I was obviously drowning as an inexperienced model maker; she took pity on me, teaching me about bristol board and Zap-a-Gap (that magical permanent glue!) and carefully using tweezers to place things together. My spiral staircase that night was terrible, which was noted the next day in class.

The next week’s redesign of that set project did NOT have that spiral staircase in it.

Music I listened to while sewing: I’ve got The Drowned Man playlist on this morning. I read somewhere that Punchdrunk has extended the show through the end of February… they might be extending it to the end of 2014 now.

So I have 11 months to make enough money to get over there and binge-watch that show as many times as I can. Goal, set.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: I could have sworn it was Saturday morning when I got up. It’s not actually; it’s Thursday.

Still really cold outside. Still The Dog refuses to spend more than a minute or two taking walks. Still The Dog wants to head outside hourly, in what can only be an attempt to see if the snow has melted or the temperature is above freezing, only to run back to the elevator and head back upstairs when he sees that things haven’t changed.

Can’t wait for spring.

Today, I will go to the gym. Cardio helps.

Today, I also need to replace my favorite pair of jeans. They’re disintegrating a little more every time I put them on. I know I don’t have a lot of income right now, but I don’t have to LOOK like I’m falling apart, you know?

3 thoughts on “Block 322: January 23, 2014

  1. thank you for sharing! I’m impressed (found you recently and have been working on catching up on your prior posts)

    How is your fabric stash these days? {I could happily share a few fat quarters with you, as long as you promised not to judge them too harshly 🙂 } as a fellow quilter and freelance computer professional, I can relate to the both the “between assignments” budgetary constraints as well as the ever-increasing fabric prices these days!

    given your prior cranes, this would likely be batik leftovers from quilts I’ve made in the past…

    • Hello, thanks for the note!

      My fabric stash right now is okay; I started this almost a year ago, so I’ve got a lot of scraps to wade through. But, several people have mailed me scraps of their own and I always figure out a way to use everything I’ve been given. I think it makes the entire project a little more meaningful, to have other stories inside it. And I love batiks, but that’s a bit obvious…

      • k 🙂 {yes, i noticed you like batiks… LOL}

        i wish you ongoing success in the process — quilting, music-listening, dog-loving, life! appreciate you sharing the journey


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