Block 314: January 15, 2014



The sun came out this morning. That, and about 10 hours of sleep means I’m ready to take on the world today.

Date: January 15, 2014

Crane: 314

Days Spent on Project: 333

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Chloe C.

Chloe was a year ahead of me at the Yale School of Drama. She was a costume designer who, if I remember correctly, came to New Haven from the west coast. Strangely, meeting her in person at Yale was my first experience of understanding how small the theater world actually is.

During my first year at Actors Theater of Louisville, in the fall of 2001, I was in charge of costume rentals for outside companies. We didn’t rent out clothes to other theaters (or people) very often, but it was an easy way to get some bonus income. During that fall, I was faxed (faxed!) some costume designs for a production of The Beard of Avon at Seattle Rep from their assistant costume designer. She was looking for capes, peasant clothes, anything Elizabethan that might work with what their designer had drawn. We didn’t have much, but I sent what I could. It turns out that assistant was Chloe.

My first year at Yale, I was asked to assist her on a production of The Lonesome West. It was a small show- four people and modern dress- and we spent most of our time shopping for clothes from various thrift stores around Connecticut.

After Yale, I’ve periodically kept in touch with her because I’m actually excited about the direction her career has taken. She teaches at FIT in New York, and received a Fulbright to study in Sweden. She also started a menswear blog for costumers, which I’m sure will become something amazing as she posts more information. She’s also a skilled painter.

Whenever I think about all the people I’ve met at or through the Yale School of Drama, Chloe is one of the reminders that the people who get accepted and go there are multi-talented, intelligent, and driven.

Music I listened to while sewing: I’m back to the Chill Out playlist from way back… Although this morning, it’s not as sedate as it normally is. The beat is a little heightened!

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: I’m fairly certain that yesterday was awash and completely unmotivated because of the weather. Gray, foggy, and intermittently rainy, the day wasn’t exciting. I felt incredibly lazy.

But, I did manage to get to the gym. I finished reading a book on prostitution in New Orleans (research for work, honestly). I researched more circus imagery for another production. I finally figured out why my health insurance claims haven’t been processed (apparently, the combination of my tiny income and my freelance career have confused the government).  I finished writing the first draft of a teaching philosophy. So, while yesterday felt wasted, it wasn’t.

Today, I feel back on track. I’ve got a mental list of several things that need to get started and/or finished. I need to write it down… an actual check-list will help keep me moving.

I’m also questioning what it means to respect yourself. I’m wondering if I do.

I’m thinking about how I may not be so alone in my career frustrations. Spoke to a friend last night, via text, and she admitted the same anxieties that I have without any prodding on my part.

I’m wondering why more people don’t respect others.

Lots on the plate today. All I can do is keep moving.


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