Block 306: January 7, 2014



Three airports, three train stations, and FORTY hours later, I finally managed to get back to New York.

Thanks, Polar Vortex.

Date: January 7, 2014

Crane: 306

Days Spent on Project: 325

Location: THANK THE LORD I’m back in the Apartment! Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Kate C. 

Kate was another one of the designers in my year at the Yale School of Drama. She came to New Haven from New York, and was one of the three other costume designers. She, Zane, and I were probably the first group within that small group of 10 designers to become a group of friends. At the beginning of our three years there, the three of us did share a few meals at her apartment, and had several venting sessions about the grad school process. 

I remember making a comment once that most of my good (female) friends were also named Kate. I thought it was a funny coincidence. (If you don’t recall, there was Cait from Louisville, Kate from London, and Katherine from Kenyon.) Kate C. didn’t find it as interesting as I did. 

Once the school year heated up, and I was assigned to my (financially and academically required) work-study jobs, I didn’t have that much time to hang out with Kate anymore though. So my best-friend prediction didn’t entirely come true. 

Kate, at the time, operated a small business designing “zipper jewelry.” Back in 2003, she was just starting to get her “zipper pins” noticed; within the first two months of school, they were featured in one art gallery and then in a New York magazine. They were long zippers, twisted and turned into small floral shapes. Very intricate and precisely done, she was frequently seen stitching them together in her down time. She’s still creating and selling them; today, she even has a line of zipper necklaces and bracelets, in addition to side projects building hats and clothes out of non-traditional materials… 

Music I listened to while sewing: No music today, but I do have a Saturday Night Live episode streaming in the background. 

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Incredibly thankful to be home. After spending a full day in the Atlanta airport, several hours in the Little Rock airport, 10 minutes in the Richmond airport, 1 minute at the Richmond train station, 4 hours at the Washington DC train station, an interesting 5 minutes at Penn Station, and a crazy 20 minute cab ride I am so happy to be home.

After the long weekend, do I have any thoughts about the upcoming (June) project in Little Rock?

It will be a lot of work. The company I’m working for is fairly new (8 years), still growing, but the directors and designers I met are interesting and seem fun. 

I know I’ll be putting a lot of pressure on myself, not only to turn in a good product for the musical I’m designing to impress the director who hired me, but to also get good sketches and pictures out of the work and then also to impress the other three directors there this summer. It might lead to more work in the future!

So it’s going to be a good gig to have, as it might bring about some opportunity. 

I just have to figure out a better way of getting there; 40 hours is too too much, and I would never wish the unfortunate event of an overnight stay on an airport floor on anyone. 

The Dog, as much as he loves his boarder (win!), was happy to see me. He and I slept in until 2pm today (did I mention I didn’t really sleep for almost 48 hours?). We haven’t done anything today except stay warm.

So good to be home.

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