Block 305: January 4, 2014



Well, I made it to Arkansas. Unfortunately, the person I’m meeting with is stuck at the airport in New York, where I just was. So, my weekend meetings were all cancelled.


Date: January 4, 2014

Crane: 305

Days Spent on Project: 322

Location: Conway, Arkansas!

Person I would have sent it to: Where do we start in grad school? Well, I’ll remind myself that order doesn’t necessarily mean anything in this project. Whoever I thank first in a certain group isn’t the best…. Whoever I thank last isn’t the worst. Let’s just jump right into the grad school years.

Zane P.

Zane was probably the first person I met in New Haven, probably because I also knew him from Chicago. Many of the designers I had the opportunity to work with at Northwestern University had come from DePaul University’s design program. Zane, having JUST graduated from undergrad, was therefore a classmate of theirs. My Northwestern/NHSI friends, realizing that the two of us would be in the same Yale Design class, put us in touch; we should obviously room with each other when we moved to New Haven.

Which we ended up doing for two years.

I met Zane the summer before going to the Yale School of Drama. He and I flew out to New Haven that spring to try and find an apartment.

Zane was a set and costume designer. He was also the only other guy in my class year. Almost every production at Yale that I designed was spent teamed with him. He did the set for Hedda Gabler; I did the costumes. He designed the costumes for A Midsummer Night’s Dream; I did the set. He did the set for All’s Well That Ends Well; I did the costumes. To this day, I don’t know why the department always paired us on productions… I always had this weird theory that the department could never tell us apart, so they always put us together. I’m sure that’s not really the reason.

Zane was really good. I learned a lot about model-making from him during those four years.

I’ve only seen him maybe once since we graduated, almost 8 years ago now. I know he’s still in New York. I know he works frequently; I think he just designed a burlesque-themed production of the Nutcracker in the city. I always thought he had a great skill for combining theatricality, gender, and the avant-garde in his designs.

Music I listened to while sewing: No music today. I’m in foreign territory- another costume shop- and I don’t know the rules of the land here.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Well, honestly, this weekend seems a bit of a waste. My travels yesterday were adventurous and tedious, all because of that “snow storm” we had Thursday night. I didn’t arrive in Arkansas until almost midnight, New York-time, after having to change flight plans several times due to cancellations and delayed take-offs. When I landed, I was told my director- who lives near me in Manhattan- had his flight cancelled, so he won’t be coming this weekend.

This means the reason I’m here- to discuss with the director the production’s design- has evolved into a Skype meeting tomorrow morning- right before I fly back home to New York.

Have I mentioned that the director lives 15 minutes away from me in New York? He and I could be meeting in person this weekend… but I’m now here and he’s still at home.

It feels silly actually.

Oh well. I’ve never been to Arkansas before! It’s interesting! And I have learned loads about how to approach the show; it has to be simplified WAY DOWN. This won’t be the ultimate production of Pippin- it still needs to be correct for the show, of course- but I need to keep it manageable.


Oh well. Hope the travels tomorrow go well!


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