Block 304: January 3, 2014



After last night’s snowstorm, guess who’s going to be flying out of LaGuardia in 5 hours?

This guy!

Date: January 3, 2014

Crane: 304

Days Spent on Project: 321

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Am I ready to leave Louisville?

If I’m going somewhat chronologically, it’s time to start talking about people from my grad school experience at the Yale School of Drama. This will be tricky, as those three years were filled with many lessons, both of the theatrical and life variety. There was a lot of turmoil. Lots of work. Lots of emotion. 

I’ll try not to say much about these people, not because they aren’t important, but because they are still in my life- even if on distant sidelines- and I don’t want anything to be misinterpreted or misconstrued or taken out of context. 

Am I glad I went to grad school? Of course. Am I glad I went to Yale? Yes. Am I positive that Yale was the best school for me? Truthfully, no. I learned a lot of information. I received a lot of critical feedback about my work. I worked hard. I am a much better designer TODAY than the designer I was over then years ago, when I first enrolled. I can’t believe the growth I’ve had as a designer, and as a person, since I went to Yale. I wouldn’t be where I am right now without Yale. 

Do I feel like I personally accomplished something by going to Yale? Yes and no. It’s a great degree, that MFA. I had amazing teachers. I’m actually a part of what is jokingly called “The Yale Mafia.” That’s awesome. 

Am I a happier person because of my time at Yale? I don’t know. 

Not to sound overly-dramatic, but my life fractured at Yale. I was no longer in the Midwest. The shock of living on the East Coast was new and great. I can’t say I ever really felt like I fit in at Yale. I don’t think I ever did. Even though I was young, just 24 when I started, I did feel that I had some solid experience at that time. Yale tried to convince me, eventually doing so, that I didn’t. I met a lot of people while I was there, but how many of those people are still in my life?

How many actual friends do I have from that time? I can think of one person I met during those three years who remains an active part of my life. Just one.

Which isn’t to say there aren’t lots of people who greatly affected me.

I know one of grad school’s main objectives is to break you down, only to rebuild you in their image, but… wow. I broke down hard. 

So, I guess this is a very long-winded and winding way of saying that today’s Crane will be dedicated to the Yale School of Drama in New Haven, CT, all three years that I spent learning there. 

Music I listened to while sewing: I’ve got McQueen’s show, Overlook, playing this morning. With the six inches of snow on the ground, it seemed appropriate. 

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Well, off for another weekend work trip to… wait for it… Arkansas. 

How much fun is this gonna be?

This production meeting is for a show that doesn’t open for another five months, in mid-June. I haven’t done much work on it yet. I’m hoping to learn more about the theater and the schedule; I don’t know hardly anything at this point. My fingers are crossed!

The Dog has been dropped off with his boarder. The Dog LOVES this guy, so that’s always a pleasant experience. 

Okay, off I go to wait outside for a bus to the airport. I’ve been advised this could take even longer than normal because of the weather. Today’s gonna be a literal and figurative journey, it seems. 


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