Block 303: January 2, 2014


Day Two of 2014… And I guess it’s back to reality for all of us.

Date: January 2, 2014

Crane: 303

Days Spent on Project: 320

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Jeremy C.

If yesterday’s Crane was dedicated to learning that sometimes dates don’t go so well, today’s Crane will be dedicated to a weekend where a date went well.

I met Jeremy during my final month in Louisville, in 2003, before I left to start my summer work in Chicago and then grad school.

My friend Gil, from Kenyon who also lived in Louisville at the time, introduced us one Saturday night. And that Saturday night turned into another day, which turned into another night, which turned into a sudden goodbye.

You see, he was also leaving town for summer work.

If my second season at Actors Theatre started with an abrupt broken heart, it ended feeling mostly back together again. I’m not trying to read more into that weekend with Jeremy, because it was certainly less than a 36 hour experience, but it did allow me to have some fun again. I felt like it was okay to move away then. It felt like I was ready to move on.

Months later, when I first moved to New Haven, I did have the chance to see him again. His summer work was nearby, and we met up. I didn’t know the first thing about New Haven, I was so fresh to that city, but it was good to see him again.

He now lives in France, with a long-time partner, teaching English.

So, thanks, Jeremy for the weekend. Ten years ago.


Music I listened to while sewing: I’ve got Alexander McQueen runway shows on again. Today it’s The Girl Who Lived In A Tree and La Dame Bleue.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: To be honest, I’m not thinking about much right now.

I’m supposed to be flying to Arkansas tomorrow for a weekend design meeting and theater tour. Today I need to read a script and do laundry. And go to the gym. I should pack tonight. Tomorrow morning, The Dog is going to his boarder’s place.

So, again, we’re back to normal. 2014 is off to a good start, right!

On a side note, I’m turning down some work today. It’s not even a job offer, but the offer to “audition” to design a musical. A producer contacted me, wanting me to design costumes for the show, which he would then “evaluate” and use to decide if I’m a good fit for the production. However, he would not send me the show’s music, the show’s book, a scene breakdown, a synopsis, design ideas, a timeline for the project, a location for the project. He just gave me three character names.

I’ve tried all week (via email) to get him to give me some concrete proof that this is legit, but this morning I woke up to another email of “please send us your ideas, we can discuss details later!”

No. Just no.

I honestly want and need more work… but if it smells fishy already, you’re not gonna be biting into a filet mignon.

Moving on.

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