Block 293: December 23, 2013



I feel like the world is on holiday, and I’m worried about staying busy and being productive.

Date: December 23, 2013

Crane: 293

Days Spent on Project: 310

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Kate U.

Kate was an Acting Apprentice during my first season at Actors Theatre of Louisville. As the Design Assistant Journeyman that season, I was going to design or coordinate the costumes for all the “productions” that the Apprentices would perform that year. The first show, a devised piece in the style of children’s theater, had a variety of fairy tale characters that were somehow brought to life by a girl’s imagination. I don’t remember much about it, except that Cinderella’s wicked stepsisters were always accompanied by “It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girls.

Kate played a floozy. I’m not sure how appropriate it was for a children’s show, but that she played. We ended up making her look like Audrey from Little Shop- 1950s peroxide blonde wig, red lipstick, “fur” jacket, and a red body-hugging 1950s sheath dress. I say body-hugging because the dress, I will admit, did not fit her very well… like the zipper couldn’t make it all the way up. That was the reason I had to give her the faux fur jacket.

Kate played it off well, or at least she pretended to be okay with it.

Later in the season, she was cast in Fool For Love, as May. To make it up for her, I had a red dress made for her. She looked, and felt I thought, much better.

Years later, I would run into her at the National High School Institute at Northwestern. I was still working as a designer for that program and she had been hired as an Acting Teacher. We overlapped for one year.

I thought, and still do, that she’s a great person and a talented actress. She recently got married this year; her wedding pictures are beautiful and she looks incredibly happy. That was good to see.

Music I listened to while sewing: I’ve got Spotify shuffling through my favorites today. Nothing fancy or special; just a year’s worth of pop music that I thought was pretty awesome at some point during 2013.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Saw the Broadway Revival of Pippin yesterday. I

I loved it.

I will admit that I think the book is a little weak at points, and that the circus-theme actually got exhausting at times, but overall it’s a really strong production. At the play’s end, all the choices made sense and worked together.

And, as much as I tried to play it off with my friends, the story is really affecting. Personally, I think we all behave like Pippin and, to a certain extent, his journey is one that we all go on. The difference among us, is how we react to the journey, I guess. What do we choose as personally fulfilling?

Do we stop at knowledge? Or Power? Or sex? Fame? Status?

Or do we find ourselves in a relationship?

I don’t mean to say that the show presents an answer- we’re all different people, certainly, and we all have reasons for our personal journeys- but it can be a provoking piece.

In my life, I think there are two people who should see the show. Strangely enough, one of those people was there at the theater. He bought me the ticket and sat next to me.

I’m sure the other guy has seen it by this point.

We all make choices in our lives about what’s important to us. And I think it’s important to find people who are able to… well, not necessarily have made the same choices/journey that you have… but who can see that you’ve been on your own journey, made some choices, and are okay with that. And then let you in on theirs.

And vice versa.

Maybe it’s not that two paths become one, but that two paths eventually run parallel to each other… never really meeting up, but not diverging more than an arm’s reach apart.

I don’t know.

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