Block 289: December 19, 2013


At least I’m getting to the gym regularly again.

Date: December 19, 2013

Crane: 289

Days Spent on Project: 306

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Susannah E.

Susannah was the third roommate in the apartment that also housed Kate B. and Abby W.

I should that when I moved to Louisville, I found a one bedroom apartment on the 16th (or was it the 15th?) floor of an apartment called “the 400.” Cheap, but huge, it was a five minute drive from the theater (taking into account all the back-tracking one had to do because of all the one-way streets) and had a parking lot, a “gym” (a carpeted room that had a treadmill and one cumbersome weight machine), a laundry room, and so on. It was a good first apartment. That the apartment building itself was affectionately and tastelessly known as “Little Bosnia” should tell you what the Louisville community really thought about it. My second season in Louisville, I moved as fast as I could to a much trendier (i.e. younger) area of town.

However, Susannah, Kate, and Abby found a three bedroom apartment in Little Bosnia; so my time with that old building wasn’t truly over during my second year.

Susannah was an intern (again, unpaid!) in the literary department. Actors Theatre, like most regional theaters, get a lot of submissions from playwrights, especially because of the Humana Festival. I’m not sure what Susannah completely with her internship, but I always imagined that she was stuck reading new-play after new-play after new-play for 10 months.

I vividly remember Susannah wearing a costume from our storage for that year’s Halloween party; a blue cotton Alice in Wonderland dress. She looked girly and cute. I think she was a little upset that it wasn’t very sexy. I thought it was funny though.

Music I listened to while sewing: Take a guess… was it McQueen or Fort Fairfield this morning?

I’ll let you come to your own conclusions.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Today I’m dealing with the struggle of how to balance knowing everything that I’ve worked on, the people I’ve met, the productions I’ve designed, the schools I’ve gone to AND also remaining humble enough to understand that it’s obviously not enough yet.

Today is a day for humble pie… For realizing that I’m capable and have been capable for a while now, but I’m obviously not above much.

For realizing that resting on laurels is never an option.

For realizing that being in a “slow time” doesn’t mean it’s over.

For remembering everything about this is a marathon and there’s no way to sprint to a finish line.


One Christmas party tonight. Another tomorrow. I’m definitely going to the gym before both just to get the endorphin rush.


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