Block 279: December 9, 2013



So much to do today! Eeek!

Date: December 9, 2013

Crane: 279

Days Spent on Project: 296

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Suttirat L.

Sometimes you just meet people that you want to gravitate towards, a person that you feel lucky to have met, to have had the opportunity to work with. Suttirat, one of the last designers I had the chance to work with at Actors Theatre of Louisville, has been one of those people in my working life.

She came to Actors Theatre during my second season, to design two shows for the Humana Festival. One of them was a modern-dress show about a magician; the other was a turn of the century musical-farce that involved Eunuchs. Random, yes, but really funny.

We got along together really well. At that point of the season, I knew I had been accepted into the Yale School of Drama and that I’d be moving to New Haven in six months or so. She had graduated from the YSD a few years before, and talked me through some of what I was about to experience. She told me to start drawing all the time, didn’t matter what it was… just start drawing. I think she saw in me someone who needed practice. She reminded me to allow myself some downtime over the summer before I started school; she recommended going to a spa a few times.

That’s now advice I give to people who tell me they’re about to start their time with the YSD.

Sutttirat made design, and a life in the theater, seem effortless.

In the decade since I first met her (what?), I’ve managed to keep in touch with her sporadically. I quite literally bumped into her at the Strand one afternoon. She asked if I had joined the Union yet; I hadn’t, but resolved that I needed to quickly if it meant I might be able to work with her again. Every once and a while, I’ll email her to see what’s up. She’s always busy, and working on some amazing projects. In that decade, I’ve seen her name connected with several films, a few plays in London, and even the designer for the London Olympics.

Her career, and her work, really blows my mind.

Music I listened to while sewing: Oh, if you’d guess that I’ve got an Alexander McQueen runway show playing on Youtube… you’d be correct.

Today is Eshu.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Speaking of the Yale School of Drama, today is the annual holiday party at the Yale Club of New York. Guess who’s making himself go?

I’ve invited a safety friend, someone that I know I can walk in with and not feel adrift. Someone to talk to as we assess who’s there and who to talk to. I hardly ever go, but it seems like a beneficial thing to do as I want to get my face in public more. I always dread going; the Yale Club isn’t a happy place for me, and working a holiday party where the conversation ALWAYS revolves around the projects you’ve got lined up always makes me want to run for the hills.

Thank God they hand out a free drink ticket when you walk in the door. I gather they understand how awkward these parties can be…

Today, I’m also trying to tell myself to embrace the slow times as well as the busy times. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

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