Block 271: December 1, 2013



Rabbit Rabbit.

Welcome to December.

Date: December 1, 2013

Crane: 271

Days Spent on Project: 288

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Sarah C.

Actors Theatre of Louisville has three different performance spaces; most often, two of them are in use, but during the Humana Festival all three are are running productions.

It’s necessary, then, to hire a second Wardrobe Supervisor to work the second space. Joe, yesterday’s Crane, as someone with the years at the Theatre under his belt, was in charge of the larger space. The second supervisor would be in charge of a smaller space.

Sarah was hired at the beginning of my second season at Actors Theatre, specifically to run the annual production of Dracula that ran in October. A “crowd-pleaser,” it used many special effects and involved what seemed like gallons and gallons of stage blood. The Wardrobe Super has the herculean task of washing several costumes daily, sometimes by hand and sometimes with a toothbrush to get those difficult “blood-stains” out. It could seem a bit never-ending, and usually by the show closed after Halloween, some of the costumes would have to be retired from the amount of blood-spatter and washing they had to endure.

That second season, I was hired as the Costume Coordinator for Dracula, meaning I was in charge (on paper) of bringing all the old costumes out of storage, fitting them on new actors, and then replacing pieces for a new look or out of necessity. That year, I had the shop build new dresses for the Vampire Child and also Vampire Mina (in ATL’s production, Mina dies instead of Lucy). I still have those sketches somewhere… and swatches too. I learned that synthetic fabrics hold up better to repeated washings and blood-staining. I learned that from watching Sarah have to wash my creations daily and nightly. I also learned that sometimes, if you’re lucky, you should insist on having doubles built of specific costumes, just to help people maintain the look.

Again, it pays to help your Wardrobe Super as much as you can.

Sarah, bless her heart, took it all in stride.

Music I listened to while sewing: I’ve got Icona Pop on this morning! I think there are seven (!) different remixes of one song that I like, which is awesome.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Last day of my four-day “weekend,” which means I need to start tackling December full-on and trying to make some (paying) work happen. Yay, freelance!

Had a slightly disconcerting thought about the project this morning. What if it’s NOT that I don’t know 1000 people to thank with these Cranes. What if it’s actually that I know too many? What if, as I approach 971, or so, I realize I have a list of about 50 other people that should be included in the project? What if, as I hit 1000, I realize that I should have thanked someone else with Crane 436?

What if, when I talk about the Dedication aspect of this project with people, which I don’t do outside of this blog, people get upset that they’ve NOT been included… or that they HAVE?

Prior to this, I really haven’t thought about any potential emotional feedback from this project. If I were just making a huge quilt of 1000 cranes, it would be one thing if people either dismissed it or appreciated it for a second. But, as I personally am investing a little more in this quilt (with its secondary purpose of reflection on the people who’ve made me Me), what will people think? People who are included? People who aren’t? People who are completely objective?

I suppose, being more than a quarter deep into it, I can’t really get cold feet.

“Keep swimming?”


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