Block 242: October 29, 2013



Last night I dreamt that I had the Sleep No More cast come to the house in which I grew up in Brownsburg, Indiana to stage a re-imagined immersive work. I remember feeling frustrated that it didn’t go according to plan, and that I couldn’t keep track of everything that was going. It also snowed heavily throughout. And afterwards, all the furniture was ruined.


Date: October 29, 2013

Crane: 242

Days Spent on Project: 254

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: I’m blanking on her full name, but let’s dedicate this one to Pam. I’ll call her Steampunk Pam, in lieu of remembering her last name.

This was one of my first summers in the costume shop, so it must have been 2001 or 2002. She designed one show that summer, and didn’t return to the program for a repeat visit. 

She always wore black… and purple… that was her go-to color combination. Really sweet, and really great with the students, she always kept it light and fun. And quirky; besides the penchant for black and purple, I remember a pair of oversized goggles that she would wear most everyday, perched on the top of her head, like she had just walked out of the pages of the League of the Extraordinary Gentlemen. 

Which, frankly, was awesome and I loved her for it… especially when all the students had a tendency to mall-shop at the same stores and were the same silhouette.

Music I listened to while sewing: I started with my Chill Out Playlist. Tried and true, but it wasn’t doing it for me this morning. I’ve switched to remixes of Lady Gaga’s Applause. Better.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: I’d like to admit that I’m lonely and feeling a bit let down at the moment. I think I’m going to stop dating for a spell. 

I really want to find a way to make some money. I think I just need to get busy again; it’s only been, what, three days of an amorphous schedule and I’m already feeling lost. Maybe I just need some more to do.

I’ve got a tech and performance tonight that I’ve offered to work. No idea what to really expect, other than mild craziness, but I hope to have some stories out of it. 

I think I really just want a pat on the back this morning.

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