Block 233: October 15, 2013



Happy Ides of October.

Date: October 15, 2013

Crane: 233

Days Spent on Project: 240

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Shannon M.

Shannon and I overlapped only for one year at the National High School Institute- my first and her last.

I was a Faculty Associate that summer, which meant that I would get to assist a voice teacher, an acting teacher, and a director every day for almost 6 weeks. I didn’t get the chance to work with Shannon in any of those capacities, and I’m kind of sad about that… because I believed, and still do, that she was incredibly bad-ass.

She directed a production of Hamlet that summer, which I still think about to this day. Having just done a production of that play in New York, I’m honestly struck how even teenagers, with a skilled leader, can perform that play. Shannon really did get a lot out of them.

Music I listened to while sewing: I’m still having trouble listening to Spotify… But today, I’ve managed to get it to play Fort Fairfield again, specifically their album “Prenzlauer Berg.”

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Just a thought I had yesterday, while I was going thinking about how in the world I’m going to dedicate 1000 cranes to 1000 different people…

If I actually succeed in doing this, it’s more than likely that one or two or a few of these Dedicated Cranes will be a friend, or maybe just an acquaintance, of someone who’s following or finds this blog. Right?

For example, let’s say I dedicate Crane 547 to John Q. Public, who lives in Anytown, USA. There is a chance that someone might be following this blog, see his name and city on the day that I do my 547th Crane, and make the connection that that’s someone they know.

These 1000 people I choose to include in this project certainly know more than a few people. Those people, in turn, know a few people. Somewhere along the line, those people might know me.

How much of a weird “Six Degrees” experiment can this be?

How interconnected are we again?

I suppose a natural, yet unplanned, aspect of this project is that: showing how one person can be connected to as many different unknown people as possible through friends and acquaintances. There is no way in this world, I’m starting to believe, that my actions don’t have an affect on countless other people- some I know, others I don’t. And it’s not just the big things, right? Sure I have an impact on my dog and my interactions with the actors I’ll see today will certainly affect them in some way…

Bumping into someone in the Starbucks line, as I wait for coffee. Choosing the seat I choose as I board the MetroNorth. Carrying a huge duffel bag of costumes on the subway. Making eye contact with someone I don’t know on the sidewalk. Standing on the corner in a group of people, waiting to cross the street. Renting the costume pieces that I’m going to rent today.

I’m interested to know how and when these people I write about will be people YOU know.

You know?


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