Block 216: September 28, 2013



Bring it on, weekend.




Crane: 216

Days Spent on Project: 223

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Franette L.

My second summer at NHSI was my first to design costumes for the final productions. I was assigned The Laramie Project (directed by Lindsay J., from yesterday) and also The Greensboro: A Requiem, directed by Franette.

That summer, I was apparently the go-to guy to design costumes for documentary-style theater. Nothing spectacular, just a series of real people in everyday clothes.

I have no idea if Franette chose me to design her show, or if I was selected by the shop manager to do so. Either way, Franette was a great director to work with at that time in my life: very understanding of the demands of the program, very specific in her requests, and also very patient with a young designer who was trying to piece together one of his first shows post-college.

Again, another valuable lesson in doing research, knowing the period (even if it is contemporary or the late 1970s), and respecting the ordinariness of real people… Not using clothes to comment on character, but to help ground the actor in a physical identity of character.

Were there any other huge lessons learned from that show? I remember being amazed and thankful for the TJ Maxx near Evanston.

Music I listened to while sewing: Back to my “Chill Out” Playlist, courtesy of someone on Spotify. It’s not necessary exciting me this morning. I just needed something on, and this was the least obtrusive option.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: I am trying to remind myself to live more in the moment, to stay focused on what’s happening currently in my life.

I’m trying to ignore the things that could happen in the future.

I’m trying to disregard the thoughts that things won’t happen in the future.

I’m trying to be thankful for where I am right now and the life I have.

Because I am lucky. I am okay.

I’m aware that things *could* be better. I could be making more money. I could have a different job that provided more job security. I could be relationship. I could be more physically fit. I could be the life of the party. I could be out and about more.

I’m trying to accept that THIS life I lead is mine. I own it. I take responsibility for it.

That isn’t admitting defeat. I am not surrendering.

I’m trying to accept where I am so I can move forward. So I can move on. So I can move.

Yes, it may seem like I have strikes against me. It may seem like things aren’t going well at times. But I’m here and I remain here and I will be here.

Who knows what’s going to happen tonight or tomorrow? Beyond that?

Sorry to be obtuse, but that’s where I am right now.

Bring it on, weekend.


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