Block 212: September 24, 2013



Wait… it’s officially Fall, everyone.

I’m excited.

Date: September 24, 2013

Crane: 212

Days Spent on Project: 219

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Meredith McD.

Just to prove how small the theater world and community really is, I vaguely knew Meredith before I met her at NHSI. Immediately after college, I would move to Louisville, KY to work at Actors Theatre for two years. The fall I was set to begin work, she had just left her position there as the Assistant Director of the Apprentice/Internship Program. I remember everyone being SAD that she left.

(And to show how things can come full circle, she has taken a job back at Actors Theatre of Louisville, as the Associate Artistic Director.)

When I met her at NHSI, she directed a show called Cinders, if I remember correctly. Someone else designed the production’s costumes (I remember an infamous paper dress that had to be remade every time it was used- not so effective when you have 10 shows happening in rep over the course of a week). The next year, Meredith chose to co-direct a production of Angels in America: Perestroika with Steve S.

The piece was epic, like it should be. I’m not sure we did it full justice, but we strove to.

I also learned, with that opportunity, not to neglect the regular, everyday characters in favor of the fantastical elements within the show. Yes, the Angel in America should be impressive and exciting, but the role is incredibly small when you look at the context of the work and the other relationships and characters within that world. I, being a young designer, got tunnel-vision and focused first on the Angel and designed the show around her.

I will never say there is a “correct” process with design, but I’m not sure that’s the way to approach this play… Things you learn, when you’re a 23 year old costume designer…

Music I listened to while sewing: Today, I’m listening to a movie soundtrack! “The Story of a Murder” by Sir Simon Rattle.

I’ve never really heard of it. But I did her through the Internet-Grapevine that some of this soundtrack is used predominantly in Punchdrunk’s production of The Drowned Man in London.

Still need to figure out a way to get out there… and soon… I have until December.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: And like that, my time with one production is over. I shipped the costumes off to their first destination on their touring schedule… I probably won’t see them again until December.

And I’m so thankful for that. It’s been a good experience, but it’s time to move on to the next round of things. Today, I’m planning on finishing up show paperwork and receipts for that production today, and start my next round of costume piece lists for my next show in Providence. Maybe I’ll also get to the gym, like I’ve been trying to do for weeks…

Had another intense dream last night, this time about the A Thousand Quilted Cranes Project: I dreamt that I got to a Crane in the late 200s and couldn’t think of anyone else in my life to whom to dedicate it. I had the incredibly sad that I had run out of friends, I had run out of family members, I had run out of people with whom I’ve worked, I had run out of people that had loved me or hurt me or inspired me or taught me.

I remember, in my dream, staring at the pile of Cranes on my desk and just being sad. Like it had been a waste.

I’m now concerned that this will be the case. Can I make it to 1000 Cranes, having dedicated each one to a different person who’s meant something to me? I think I can. I mean, I’ll be doing this through 2015. I’ve got time to consider the people who’ve affected me over the past 30some years.


Okay, off to take control of the day.


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