Block 198: September 10, 2013



In case anyone was wondering, I had an amazing time at the McKittrick last night. I think a seventh trip is in order.

Date: September 10, 2013

Crane: 198

Days Spent on Project: 205

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Constance P.

Constance is the youngest daughter of Lynn, the Theater Arts division director at NHSI, and Jeff, her husband and one of the acting teachers I assisted.

Constance was born on the last day of the program. I can’t remember which year it was… it felt like perhaps my second or third summer there… but, if you know anything about the last 24 hours, you’ll understand how emotional it was.

The five week program consists of a few weeks of acting classes, followed by one final week where 10 different (and fully designed and realized) shows are produced in repertory. Through a miraculous, and closely followed schedule, four shows are done every day for five days. Each show gets two performances; once all ten shows have opened (and then closed), we would stay up late and strike EVERYTHING. A summer’s worth of work was thrown in the trash of put back in storage or sent to be dry-cleaned or washed and restocked. It’s a crazy amount of work to do (10 shows… 150 actors… you get the idea) and to see all the production staff, assisted by the 160 students, wipe the summer clean in a matter of hours is very humbling. It’s also a huge source of pride. It can start getting emotional that night.

The entire experience is like Brigadoon, you know?

And so, on a night like that, Constance entered the world.

It was the best entrance imaginable… especially for their family.

Music I listened to while sewing: Actually nothing. I’ve got the window open and I can hear the traffic on the George Washington Bridge.

My dog is also snoring next to me.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: What do I want to say today?

Sleep No More was great. I can’t get enough of it. It continually shows me new things and sucks me in to the world they’ve created. Have you ever seen or experienced something that’s possibly a little in line with what you do, or want to do, and have been so humbled by its depth and scope that you kinda just want to stop and walk away and rethink your what you’re doing because opportunities like that don’t come around more than once or twice? I’m humbled by it. Yet thrilled by it.

I was offered another last minute job yesterday. I’ve worked with this company before, and it seems  I’m either replacing someone or they forgot to hire a costume designer. I have 6 weeks to get this show up and going. Time to read a script.

This new job conflicts with the project I was asked to do that doesn’t pay anything or have a budget. I feel like a jackass now… I have to do the show that pays, and will need to spend more time on it (it’s in a different state)… and this unpaid project always want to meet or discuss at really inconvenient times and places. I’m at a loss.

Meanwhile the show I’m working on in the city is behind and big and understaffed and under-budgeted and it’s getting increasingly obvious to everyone. In a way, it’s not my fault- it has nothing to do with me at all- but we’re running into situations where we either have to keep moving and keep spending more money OR just stop. Stopping isn’t an answer. Yikes.

Today will be interesting…

Okay, nothing deep today, I guess. Just another day to clock-in. Time to make it work!


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