Block 182: August 25, 2013




I’m not ready for the weekend to be over…

Date: August 25, 2013

Crane: 182

Days Spent on Project: 189

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Kate W.

Kate. Kate. Kate!

What do I remember about Kate exactly?

Kate lived several floors above me in that apartment building all the American students shared in London. By the time my semester in London would end, I’d be spending most of my free time there. She was probably the person I felt closest to at the program. I think we were friends fairly soon after arriving and being introduced.

She was incredibly outgoing. She was vivacious. She was smart. She was ready to take on London. I’m positive I was drawn to that because it drew me out of my inner-tendency to shrink away from the crowds.

She was always up to go out and go clubbing or a bar. She made sure I had fun at clubs.

We would see theater obsessively together; she even went with me to see Starlight Express because I said it was the first West End musical I had ever seen and therefore held a special place in my heart.

She taught me the joys of hummus and chickpeas and cucumbers and Orangina and crepes with Nutella.

She and I partnered up to do a scene from Angels in America. She was Harper, I was Joe.

She was from New Jersey? Or was it New York? I can’t remember which.

We didn’t share any classes over there, nor were we cast in the same final productions, which I’m sure we were both upset about; I was.

She, Jarret, Andrew, and I went to Paris, France for a week. It was great fun. I got into an argument with her there; I can’t remember what it was about, although I’m pretty sure I was the one to blame.

The night before I was to leave and head back to the States, she and I put off saying our goodbyes until the very end. When we did, it devolved into crying and hugging. She was the friend, the center, I needed to ground me over there, to give me some confidence in my presence there and to get me over my homesickness.

Music I listened to while sewing: Do you know that CD called Trio, with Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, and Emmylou Harris? I’m currently listening to it… because I’m awesome like that.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: An acquaintance asked recently if I wouldn’t mind selling some of these Cranes individually.

I was flattered, but I replied that I wasn’t going to separate them at this point.

I haven’t stitched any of the Cranes together yet. I’m purposefully waiting until I have a stack of 1000 so I can determine placement and whether it needs to be assembled in number-order, if I should block it out by color. I haven’t even decided the final shape of this quilt. One long line of Cranes? One giant flag?

Another friend remarked that it would be stunning to have on a bed. I admitted that it’s more likely gonna have to hang on a wall… a very large wall. I’m not sure it’ll even fit in my apartment when I’m done with it.

I should start planning for the next step, shouldn’t I?

I have the time, of course… just over 800 left to do!

Cheers and enjoy Sunday.

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