Block 117: June 14, 2013




Date: June 14, 2013

Crane: 117

Days Spent on Project: 117

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Well, like I did with my high school, Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School (Crane #68), I’m going to dedicate this Crane to a place… if only because it’s been so long I can’t remember all the people I met there.

Today’s Crane is dedicated to Gingiss Formalwear, off of 38th Street, in Indianapolis, IN.

This was my first job.

I started working their during the tail end of Prom season of my junior year. (I think… I know I was there when I graduated high school, but I felt like a part of the store’s “community,” and was celebrated when I graduated. So I feel like I spent the prior summer working there). I ended up staying there for two summers, if I remember correctly.

I DO remember I was Employee #1747.

Because of Gingiss, I learned how to measure men for suit. Badly at first, I’ll admit, but I got better as time went on. I learned that suits are, for the most part, sized two numbers up than a man’s chest measurement. I learned that a true, natural waist is usually 8-10 inches above someone’s hip measurement. I learned no one knows what a natural waist is anymore (and I learned that at 17- HA!) I learned a skill that I still use all the time in my Costume Design Life in New York.

I learned that customer service can be horrendous. I learned that brides, for the most part, care more about the groom’s appearance than the groom. I learned most groomsmen just don’t care, and consider it an inconvenience to have to get measured or pick up a tux and then have to pay for it.

I learned that if I ever am so lucky to meet someone and get married (God help me), I will insist that we NOT rent tuxes: too many people have worn those “formal” clothes and they aren’t really well made and too many things happen IN those rented clothes… if you get my drift.

I learned about “office camaraderie.” I learned how all the people who worked there really only had one thing in common: we all wanted/needed money. While I found good acquaintances there, and enjoyed several of my coworkers company, we were all there to measure nervous high schoolers in front of their moms or girlfriends for Prom or grooms and their embarrassed groomsmen.

Most men are nervous when you tell them you have to measure them. And that it requires some degree of body contact. Especially if a teenage guy is doing it.

For teaching me a skill I still use today (I just measured a dozen actors yesterday, in fact!). For teaching me about how banal work can be. For teaching me how to handle coworkers… I wish I remembered their names and more specific stories about each of them.

Thank you. From Employee #1747.

Music I listened to while sewing: More Trentemoller this morning. I’m going through his other albums now. It’s all very electronic and bubbly and German (?) in my apartment today…

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: You know, I’ve been thinking about what it means to have friends as an adult.

Can we really have them like we did when we were children and teenagers?

Can we make them like we did back then?

Or are we supposed to make those deeply connected relationships in our youth in the understanding that they’ll carry into our adult lives?

Yes, I do understand that we continue to meet people and like people and get to know other people throughout our lives, but what is it about the truth about adulthood that makes it difficult to form new, friendships?

Is their time? I get up, walk the dog, feed him, sew a Crane, write about it, work during the day all over the city, go to the gym if I’m lucky, go home, walk the dog, feed him again, continue working, eat dinner at some point, and maybe watch some Netflix if there’s time. On weekends, my schedule is pretty similar, except I get the dog to the park.

I’m told I need to do things where I can meet people with common interests. Who has time for that? And what interests do I have that I can do more publicly? Sew in public? Draw in public? I’d take dance classes again or drawing classes or see a movie or plays or go to bars, but… I’m broke.

Whenever I want to treat myself to something, I first imagine buying another ticket to Sleep No More… but that experience is kinda solitary, even if you are walking through it amongst hundreds of people.

How do adults make friends?

Anyway, off to get my day started- fabric shopping! More sketching! But, I am going to go to the gym first.



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