Block 116: June 13, 2013



I totally meant to make an orange Crane today. Oops.

Date: June 13, 2013

Crane: 116

Days Spent on Project: 116

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Raven R.

So, last night, around 11pm, I decided I needed to figure out the three 18th Century corsets I have to (no, wait, I “get to”) make for this production of The Tempest.

And, after perusing a few patterning books on corsets, I realized my sources were given me different information. In consternation, I went to Facebook, for some group-think:

“On a slightly more serious note, the side panel of an 18th Century corset *IS* cut on the bias, right? Guys?”

Within what seemed like seconds, Raven had responded with some helpful advice. (Several other people did too, and the general consensus was predictably all over the map: I’ll have to make my OWN decision!)

I met Raven during my first year at Yale, back in 2003. Ten years ago. I was a baby at 24. Raven was a costume coordinator for the smaller “student” productions- the Verse Projects, the playwright’s theses, etc. I was hired as her work study help.

And she was just so cool. She liked what she was doing. She liked working with us. She was proud of her work. She was incredibly helpful.

I think it was her age that helped; she was “our” age.

I actually enjoyed hanging out with her. I liked talking to her. She bought me a photography book once because she thought I might like it. She and I went out a few times. She was the only person who acknowledged my 25th birthday that first year. We went to dinner and had drinks and went dancing for a long while.

She finished out the year at Yale, but decided she was going to leave for another job. I believe she moved to Las Vegas. The last I talked to her (my final year at Yale), she was doing wardrobe on Cirque du Soleil’s O. (Another reason she was amazing.)

While I did eventually make some good friends at Yale, Raven was my first. That first year was incredibly difficult for me, mostly emotionally, and it was nice to have someone who enjoyed my presence and was civil to me.

So, thank you, Raven.

I still think the side panel is on the bias, however.

Music I listened to while sewing: Spotify told me it had updated its Top 100 Songs playlist. I think it lied to me… these are all the same songs, but in a different order!

Silly pop music.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: As crazy at it may sound, do you realize how excited I am to work on this production of The Tempest. This company is actually nice to me. This company actually likes what I’ve sketched.

Yes, it’s going to be a lot of work. Yes, it’s going to be a really tight schedule and budget. Yes, I probably won’t be able to deliver on all the ideas I’ve sketched.

But it feels so nice to be working with people as a designer again. That mental rush feels great and pleasant and much needed.

It’s only Thursday, but it feels like a Friday. Anyway, hope you’re well.


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