Block 95: May 23, 2013



More of the tone-on-tones today.

I kinda enjoy how the blues match up almost exactly between the two fabrics. And I really enjoy the juxtaposition of the lines with the looser splotched lines.

Date: May 23, 2013

Crane: 95

Days Spent on Project: 95

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: My friend from high school, Tricia D.

Trish and I have randomly kept in touch in the 16 years since high school. I would run into her occasionally after high school, when we were both in college, and would still come home to Indiana on breaks.

When I moved to Brooklyn seven years ago, I got a phone call from her. She had also recently moved there. I don’t know how she found my number at that point, but it was great to talk to her. (I was driving a rental car at the time, and was attempting to drive from Chinatown to Bay Ridge. I don’t know HOW I navigated through there and Little Italy and the Lower East Side and crossed the Manhattan Bridge and found my way on the BQE, but I did and I survived and I haven’t driven in New York since.)

She also, strangely, used to live next door to one of my best friends in New York. I don’t know how they made the connection that they both knew me, but that was pretty fun to learn.

She now lives out in California; she moved there shortly after New Years this year.

I always thought Trish was extremely popular and well-liked and well-known and a leader. She was the retreat leader on my Kairos (#21!), which seemed to elevate her even more amongst the hierarchy of my friends. She always seemed to be the lead in all the plays. She always seemed to have something going on. She was just cool. And still is.

And I think the move to California was a great thing for her. I know she and New York weren’t on the best terms and she was dealing with a lot of frustration with the City itself. It sounds like she’s in a much better and prettier and cleaner and healthier and happier place now. And that makes me happy.

Music I listened to while sewing: Pop music. Lots of pop music. Sewing at 6am needs some motivation at this point in the week. It’s Thursday, right?

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: You can tell when someone has that *IT* quality, can’t you?

Conversely, you can really tell when someone doesn’t have *IT* either, right?

I’m not passing judgement on anyone. I’m not passing judgement on myself.

I’m not commenting about my career. Or anyone else’s. A career in theater does NOT rely on talent. It does NOT rely on hard work. It’s a weirdly frustrating mix of being in the right place and the right or wrong time and knowing the right person and selling yourself hard and getting out there and, if you’re not doing the work, then convincing the right person that YOU did the right work.

But even so, you CAN tell when someone has that thing that makes them interesting to work with or makes their work interesting. You can know when someone is going to have fun and think of something fantastic. That quality is so undefinable, yet it’s so obvious. Isn’t it?

I hope to work with people like that again.

I would hope to be one of those people myself.

Strangely, I’ve met people who I believe were geniuses. And I know I’m not that. But I’m something. I’m good at a lot. I’m fantastic at many things.

But, wow, to have that spark… It’s kinda beautifully saddening, you know?


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