Block 93: May 21, 2013



I think I’m going to start doing some tone-on-tone Cranes for a bit. Something about blocks of solid (more or less) colors seems intriguing right now.

How do you get a Crane to stand out when they’re so colored by their environment?

Date: May 21, 2013

Crane: 93

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Eric G. I had such the innocent crush on him throughout our shared time together in high school. I mean, it was “My So-Called Life” swoon-worthy.

Does he know I exist? Does he think I’m cute? What does he think about me?

Not to mention: is he gay like me? (That question would be almost 100% always be a resounding negative until I went to college.)

Sigh. With his long hair that was parted down the middle and baggy corduroy jeans and plaid over-sized flannel shirts and used car and quiet demeanor, he was practically my Jordan Catalano to my Rickie Vasquez. SIGH.

Oh well.

Music I listened to today: Nothing exciting. More music from Lana Del Rey. I need suggestions!

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: How is it 8pm already? How did this day fly by? How does it feel like I got nothing accomplished.

I worry that I’m not working hard enough, even though I worked from 9am until 6pm and am still figuring out paperwork at home. I worry that my dog is bored and frustrated. I worry that the people I’ve hired to help aren’t getting it. I worry that I’m overbooked. I worry that a job last month is refusing to pay me and I have no course of action.

How do we know we’re making a difference? How do we know we’re noticed? How do we know that we’re good enough?

I worry that I have nothing to say today about this Crane or this project or what I’m doing.

I’m ending for the day. Sorry to be so obtuse, but I just got another email about work.



4 thoughts on “Block 93: May 21, 2013

  1. I love this! You’re on day 93 and I’ve only just discovered your blog…. do you have a pattern to share for this quilt? I’d love to make a crane square myself!

  2. Perspective….. think of the changes in the world since time began. think of how people have evolved. Yet human beings all still have the same basic needs:physical, mental, social spiritual. That has not changed. All people are noticed, some just receive more “feedback” than others in your/mine/ our own point of view. We all make a difference to someone. We all strive to be good enough… that never ends.

    I love your cranes. This one may be obtuse, but he or she is sitting on the nest waiting… creating. You are loved and admired.

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