Block 84: May 12, 2013



Happy Mother’s Day.

Call your moms, everyone, if you can.

Date: May 12, 2013

Crane: 84

Days Spent on Project: 84

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Today marks my six month “anniversary” in the new place. It’s growing on me.

Person I would have sent it to: Seth G., one of my first friends at Brebeuf.

I believe we first met on an overnight, school-sponsored “Freshmen Orientation” at Brebeuf. It was an annual event; all the incoming students, who more than likely were coming from several different areas and high schools, would be dropped off by their parents at Brebeuf where they would stay for over 24 hours in a variety of social activities, meetings, meals, etc.

My sister had told me it would be fun.

I thought it was terrifying.

Being divided into small groups, based on gender (!), lead by upperclassmen, and then shepherded around to get introduced to the school’s layout, to figure out class schedules, and to meet your future classmates? Terrifying.

I believe I must have gravitated towards Seth because I sensed a kindred spirit. Not that I’m saying he was an awkward as I was, but I get the sense that we interacted socially fairly similarly.

Seth, later when school had officially started, brought me into my first group of friends that year. With them, and because of him, I had a small group of people to sit with before school, eat with over our shared lunch breaks, and talk with. I belonged to a group. And, if you’ll notice and remember, this was a different group: it was a group of guys, instead of girls.

The camaraderie is different. The discussions were different. The interests and music and hobbies and procrastination and all that were different.

And sometimes, different is good.

Music I listened to while sewing: A group called Capital Cities. They have one song I like, “Safe and Sound.” This means, of course, that I’ve listened to this one song and its subsequent remixes all morning.

See, again, stuck in a rut.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: I haven’t spoken to my parents in over two months, since my father told me of his disappointment that I was continuing to pursue theater and refusing to acknowledge my “dream” of working in theater.

The argument still flusters me, as I work in theater.

Anyway, it’s Mother’s Day and I know I need to be the dutiful son and pick up my phone and call my mother. She wasn’t a part of the argument. She probably doesn’t know about it.

I need to take responsibility and just call. Take ownership! Be mature! Be an adult!

So that needs to happen.

I feel like I need to call so many people and take responsibility. I feel like I need to repair so much.

Okay, as much as it might be difficult, sometimes we just need to take the first step and make or remake the connection. Take it from there.

See what happens.

Hope you all have a good day. Let’s prepare for another week ahead!


2 thoughts on “Block 84: May 12, 2013

  1. Whoa! For some reason something you said made me realize that we are most of the time so within ourselves that it’s very nearly impossible to see, feel, taste anything or anyone else that is vying for our attention. I know that I have missed many things along the road, and frequently wonder where I would be if I had noticed that shiny object over there. Bold crane. Is it the lines?

    • I actually thought this was a subtle Crane! (Just goes to show… perspective is a silly thing.)

      Great realization; it’s incredibly hard to stay present enough in the world to really experience it, you know? Our natural setting seems to be about maintaining the status quo; oftentimes we miss so much just by trying to keep ourselves moving along.

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