Block 77: May 5, 2013


Feliz Cinco De Mayo, everyone!

Date: May 5, 2013

Crane: 77

Days Spent on Project: 77

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Today, I would like to dedicate this Crane to my other math teacher at Brebeuf, Miss Rocap.

I find it interesting that, even though there was an entire department of math teachers at school, I spent my entire four year stretch only in classes with these two professors.

If Miss McCarthy was the tough cop of the Math department, Miss Rocap seemed to be one of the softer ones. Still incredibly smart, and while she still expected a high degree of performance from the students, she just was nice and fun and funny.

I was never very good at Geometry. I struggled at it (as with Trigonometry), much to the chagrin of my classmates who “got it” easily. Miss Rocap didn’t mock me (too much) because of it.

Although I do think I was pretty good at Calculus.

Thanks, Miss Rocap.

Music I listened to while sewing: My Chill Out Playlist on Spotify has evolved into something called “Chill Out 24/7.”

No idea how the music I’m listening to would help me chill out every hour of every day, as opposed to only certain times… But whatever.

Although, it sounds an awful lot like “World” Music right now.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Yesterday was glorious.

I realized after a long trip at the dog run with The Dog that I didn’t have anything I *had* to do. There were no rehearsals to watch, fittings to prep for, shopping or returns to do, meetings to have, interviews for jobs, phone calls to take. I had an entire day to do whatever I wanted, and it just felt great.

Went to the gym. Spent more time there than I’ve recently been able to.

Afterwards, instead of dashing off somewhere (home, a store, rehearsal, etc.), I grabbed a cup of coffee and walked to Central Park. I sat at the Bethesda terrace for a half hour and people-watched.

I really miss Central Park.

It seems like a lifetime ago that I lived a few avenues away from it on the Upper East Side; back then (which was only 6 months ago, mind you), I would daily get myself and The Dog there. We’d walk around from the Met to the Plaza to the Bethesda Terrace and sometimes the entrance at Columbus Circle. My dog loved it. I enjoyed it. Having such easy access to Central Park made me believe that I was actually a New Yorker, even though I bounced around the midwest for most of my life before settling here 7 years ago.

I wasn’t aware how much I missed Central Park.

Washington Heights is slowly growing on me. There are aspects of this neighborhood which are definite improvements on the last apartment The Dog and I shared. There’s a definite “community” feeling up here. My living space is bigger (although coming from a one bedroom apartment that was around 350 square feet, almost anything would be an improvement. Fort Tryon Park is also nice. It’s nice to live on the West Side; the commute is easy on the A Train.

It will feel like home eventually.

Not having been in Central Park for six months… It felt different; it didn’t feel like it was mine anymore.

What am I trying to say today?

Let’s not take all the things in our day-to-day lives for granted. The routines we have, the ruts we follow, the surroundings that become commonplace: they’re actually not.

Walking through Central Park daily for over three years became an aspect of my life. It seemed like it would always be there for me. I mean, it’s Central Park; it will always be there, right?

Yes, Central Park will always be there. As long as I live in New York, I will always have the opportunity to walk through it and collect myself.

But my relationship to it has changed.

So, today, ladies and gentlemen, let’s find some time to appreciate the commonplace, regular things in our lives. Take some time to enjoy what you do when you do them.

I’m going to leash up the dog now and take him to our new park- Fort Tryon. The dog run there is big and maintained well. He’s made a group of friends. People expect to see me there now.

Old relationships evolve. New ones start. Embrace what’s in front of you.

Cheers. Enjoy Sunday.


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