Block 74: May 2, 2013



After what seemed like a mad dash this week, things are starting to calm down a bit.

Date: May 2, 2013

Crane: 74

Days Spent on Project: 74

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Having taken a summer Intro to Computers course, I was able to take an elective my first semester at Brebeuf. I chose to take a general Art course; I think that was the precursor for any other course in the department.

We did a variety of projects: sketching, painting, screen-printing, ceramics, etc. I thought, for sure, I had a leg up on everyone. I had always been a dedicated and “good” art student with “talent” in Brownsburg.

This was one of my first lessons that, while Art was still something I was actually good at, I was no longer in a small community where I stood out. Some of my new classmates, in that small group of students, were actually also good.

One of those students, David M., quickly became an acquaintance and that acquaintance quickly became a friend. Not only was he new to the school (like all the freshmen were), he was also new to Indianapolis. If I remember correctly, I think his family had recently moved from California… which seemed incredibly cool and worldly.

It seems that shy kid from Brownsburg could actually sheepishly make friends in this new environment. Granted, I was still quiet and preferred to stay on the sidelines, but I was starting- little by little- to come out of my shell.

I really wouldn’t start to blossom until much later. But for now, this was a start.

So, David, for being one of the first people I considered a friend at Brebeuf, I’ll dedicate this Crane to you.

Music I listened to while sewing: I chose to listen to a Spotify playlist called “Our Top 100 songs” in an attempt to hear something new.

Sadly, it’s only music that you can hear on any pop radio station or in any shopping store.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: As of now, things are a bit out of my hands.

Dress rehearsals for the dance piece went along as best they could; we didn’t have enough time to tech through everything, so we’re meeting two hours early to walk through the remaining moments.

The costumes look good, however. I’m pleased with the choices I could make with the money and resources and time I had. Watching the rehearsal last night was incredibly informative, too; if I had access to more time and money and a shop, I know how I could improve on the project. All in all, a good learning experience.

Interviewed for another production company this morning- the project would be a production of The Tempest with a company that is respected and known. The artistic director was pleasant and we seemed to get along, which is always reassuring. He said he’ll cull down a list of 5 people to 2 tonight, and another meeting with the director will be scheduled to pick the show’s production designer.

So, while I’m glad I stayed up late last night after dress rehearsal to read The Tempest and spent another $50 on books for research on my proposed design idea, it seems like I didn’t need to move that fast quite yet.

And I’ve just spoken to another designer about an upcoming Associate Design gig. That one is still moving forward, and it SEEMS like I’m attached for good, but we’re still waiting on contracts and dates and logistics.

I’ve done what I can. Time for a break before things heat up again. I might actually get a 2 day weekend after working tomorrow! Yay!

So, everyone, hope you’re enjoying the weather. It’s gorgeous in New York right now. Take some time for yourself. If you’ve been pushing yourself recently, let’s relax. If you’ve been taking it slow, start preparing for the next go-round.

I’m off to walk The Dog. Hope you’re well and able to smile today.

Each step is a step worth making.


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