Block 68: April 26, 2013


We made it, guys… It’s Friday!

Date: April 26, 2013

Crane: 68

Days Spent on Project: 68

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: And just as quickly as Middle School started, it ended. It was only two years of my life (!), and it really stands out in my mind as being a monumental obstacle that I had to survive.

I knew that I wasn’t going to stay in the public school system past eighth grade, which gave me a light to look towards. Brebeuf Jesuit was a small private high school in Indianapolis; the student population was around 600 at the time. Compared to my middle school experience, where we numbered somewhere in the mid 300’s, a class of 150 kids seemed like a relief.

Surely someone wouldn’t get lost in a crowd there.

Especially because you had to test into the school. Any student who went there had, at the very least, to express enough interest and effort to suffer through a weekend exam; surely the people who ran the school would be aware of everyone there.

Brebeuf was the start of a much needed, new chapter in my life. Much happened there over the course of four years. And while it wasn’t perfect, it certainly was an immense improvement over where I had been.

Life I said before, Father Bischoff, in one of the first school-wide convocations we had, told all the students, “You are a Gift.”

I may forget that at times, but it’s true.

And, looking back from my mid-thirties, I see that we, as gifts, have the opportunity to re-gift. As parents, as dog-owners, as volunteers, as people who create, as people who work or provide for others, as people who keep friendships, we now as adults have the ability to share that gift in a substantial way.

So respect your gift. Keep it safe. Don’t hide it. Don’t give up.

Today’s Crane is dedicated to Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School, in its physical and ideological entirety.

Music I listened to while sewing: Again with my “Chill Out” Playlist this morning. Right now, I’m listening to an artist called “Moon.”

I should be listening to something with a bit more energy; I have to get The Dog out to the dog run soon, return a bunch of clothes for next week’s dance workshop, re-shop more items and fabric for the same project, and make some phone calls about a musical and a Shakespeare that might (fingers crossed) happen over the summer.

I also need to get to bed at a reasonable hour; this week has been rough. Next week will be more of the same.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: You know what? You’re good enough.

It shouldn’t even be a question, at this point.

I’m not trying to say you’re perfect, because none of us are, but you have everything you need to be in this moment and to get you to the next.

You have everything you need to make a change. You are capable of persevering.

You are better than the things that make you doubt your worth.

I am. You are.

As overwhelming as it is; you know the people around you today and tomorrow and yesterday and the ones you haven’t even thought about yet?

They are too.

Cheers; let’s start the day off as best we can. It’ll be rough, but we can do our best.


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