Fabric, Interrupted.




I forgot to keep you all abreast of my adventures in Fabric-land.

These 20 long quarters (as opposed to fats) were bought last weekend over two days at City Quilter. On Saturday, I spent over an hour wandering around, trying to find fabric that inspired me. After an hour, I just grabbed a random collection of pieces, paid, and left.

I didn’t see any colors that seemed interesting. No patterns jumped out. I was a bit frustrated.

So, after taking some deep breaths and looking what I bought the next day, I trekked back to flesh out my weekly Roy G. Biv investment.

And this is what I got. I’m pleased with it.

I have to remind myself that if one goal of the project is to incorporate as many different fabrics as possible, I will probably be buying most of the inventory of City Quilter in the years it will take me to do this project. I should just embrace it; all those fabrics will eventually be mine (in quarter yard pieces) and I will find interesting ways to pair them together.

I have to remind myself diversity is key for this project to work. Every piece will hopefully be unique in its own way. Every piece might not be my favorite; some will be more exciting than others. But, every piece is a step in the right direction, you know?

When the pieces come together, the product will be interesting.

What’s that phrase?

“Can’t see the forest for the trees?”

It might apply here.

16 thoughts on “Fabric, Interrupted.

  1. Am enjoying pics of cranes arriving in Tumblr. Have you thought of asking readers to send you fabric in the name of a loved one to be incorporated into your project?

    • That’s a great suggestion. Do you think people would do it?

      A friend from grad school did send me two fat quarters a month ago; I know she tried folding 1000 cranes for a loved one (but she didn’t give me details).

      I should ask readers… Thanks!

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  3. One of the biggest mistakes I have made is making quilts with only “megastar” fabrics, and forgetting to include “supporting actor” fabrics. It takes all kinds to build a terrific cast, doesn’t it? I think you are creating wonderful blocks… Build yourself a design wall with some batting and start laying the cranes on it so you can see for yourself how great this quilt is going to be. this is such an inspirational project. keep up the momentum!

    • That’s such a helpful lesson to be reminded of! I have a tendency to shoot for big contrast and strong colors; I’m trying to piece together blocks that have a gentler effect too (but it takes some effort!).

      I did a series of tone-on-tone quilts last year. I started out with greys, and the effect of using 15-20 different kinds of greys for one quilt was really subtle and beautiful. Thanks for reminding me and following along!

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