Block for Marriage Equality.

A few posts ago, I mentioned that a quilt block I had sewn to show support for the end of DOMA was featured in an article on Buzzfeed.

Here it is!


And here’s the Buzzfeed article!

Since the article was originally posted, there have been several additional images added… But I was one of the first. I still think it’s pretty cool.

Now the question: do I make and finish an Equality Quilt?

Happy Saturday.

One thought on “Block for Marriage Equality.

  1. yes….you should take on a huge project, which will take years, potentially with no definitive end, but hopefully not. and by that, i mean….that all 50 states may not achieve equality. but an idea for the project would be to make an equality quilt featuring this block in the middle perhaps, and then make a block for each state (unique to that particular state) that has marriage equality….eventually, hopefully, you will have a finished quilt! but there is potential for the quilt to theoretically never be completed. either way, i think it would an awesome artistic expression of the struggles and movement toward the goal of equality in this aspect of life. it could be an iconic project.

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