At a Crossroads: This project “just” now gets interesting.

So, today marks the 30th Quilted Crane for the A Thousand Quilted Crane Project, and I’m at a turning point.

Already, you ask? After today’s, I still have 970 left to make; what milestone have I reached?

If you’ve been reading about each Crane and have taken the time to investigate the “why” behind this project, you know that I’m dedicating each Crane to a person in my life who I believe has helped contribute to the person I am (The “Me” walking around and living and surviving in New York City). After 29 Cranes, I’m leaving the first phase- the easiest one- of these dedications.

After 29 Cranes, I’ve gone through the immediate family members that I’ve interacted with the most in my life, the ones that I can say have made up- or continue to do so- a portion of my current life.

Today’s Crane- the 30th- is the first Crane whose dedication has required some thought. Do I attempt to do this chronologically with the people that came first? Or do I start thanking the people who are with me today?

I don’t know how to do this.

I’m going to throw caution to the wind and ignore any chronological reasoning behind this. Yes, it’ll probably wind up being easier for me to follow that path; for instance, thanking all my college friends in a group, rather than spreading them out randomly. I’ll probably settle into that soon enough.

I’m even going to be so bold and say this: I’m going to include people that I don’t necessarily believe were “positive” encounters. Yes, I wish that only good people made a difference in our lives or that supportive people are the only ones who have helped shape me. But that isn’t true. We all have those people in our pasts and presents that have left (dare I say it?) scars or memories that have molded our perspective and changed how we interact with the world around us.

But good people trump the bad.

I’ll try to throw in some explanation with my dedications to, you know, keep it interesting and informative.

Here we go!


4 thoughts on “At a Crossroads: This project “just” now gets interesting.

  1. I hope you will remember to add yourself to the list of dedicatees, as you are actually the most important person in this scenario.

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