Fat Quarters!



Another trip to City Quilter on Friday, for what seems to be a traditional weekly visit at this point.

And this time, the employees asked about the project specifically. They even told other customers in line about it.

Granted, they called it “cute.” I’m not too sure if I want it to be known like that, but they don’t know the scope of the project yet.

Anyway, another 15 fat quarters selected. The color palette is a bit tighter than I hoped, but I was drawn to these easily and quickly.

I was also told that they do quarter yard cuts of fabrics at City Quilter. In the end, I might start doing this. Yes, it might be a bit annoying to carry 15-20 fabric bolts to cutting tables and having 9″ pieces cut from all of them, but it’ll be financially cheaper in the long run! At least I think it will.

If I end up going that route, I can expand my color and pattern selections a bit more. There are a bunch of fabrics that I’d love to start using in this project that will most likely not end up being fat quarters any time soon.

If I continue this trend of having different fabrics in each Crane, that means I’ll end up using 2000 fabric pieces? Is that insane?

It’ll certainly make the finished product more in line with pointillism (when viewed from a distance).

Which makes me wonder, where could this be seen from a distance?

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