Block 25: March 14, 2013


Guys, this Crane means I’m officially 1/40th of the way to finishing my goal! Just another 975 days until the end of Phase 1! Who knows what my life will be in 2 years and another 245 days! When I get thinking about this project like *that,* I start to think… well… (sigh)…


One day at a time, friends!

Date: March 14, 2013

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: my cousin, Evan.

Music I listened to while sewing: It was a morning for Sondheim, specifically Sunday in the Park with George. Did not wake up refreshed this morning. I’m starting to realize that having Daylight Savings so early in March was a blessed curse; it’s now still dark at 7-7:30am. A week ago, the sun was out by then.

No wonder I’m always a little confused when my alarm rings in the morning.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the Block: This Crane was interesting to sew together. I *wish* the pink batik I chose skewed more towards a coral-y pink, but I really just wanted to dive into the floral print.

I’m learning that it’s not only about the right color combination, but there’s also a “right” fabric pairing. The fabric print is a gauzy lightweight cotton (so very 1930s [almost]) and the batik is really crisp and tightly woven. The batik takes a little more heat and pressure to iron, while the batik takes a press easily. Sewing the batik, the needle seems to make a more audible piercing noise, whereas the needle almost threads itself through the floral print.

Stitching the two together was interesting. Since all the block pieces are angled, I’m working with bias upon bias upon bias, which isn’t as frightening as it sounds. In ways it’s forgiving as you can nudge some minor differences to fit or lay better.

But because of the *big* differences in these cottons, I was struck how they almost didn’t want to go together. By the time I started to stitch the last two pieces together, along the long central seam, the floral was wanting to stretch longer and the more batik half was staying it’s original (and properly measured) size. I took it a little slower, using a few more pins, and managed to get them together as they should be.

It’s not only a question of do these fabrics LOOK like they belong together, it’s a question of whether two fabrics have the right QUALITIES to go together nicely, isn’t it?

We all have pairings that we wish would happen. It would look so right. It would feel right. It would BE right.

Yet it’s the personality of the fabric that is the ultimate judge of whether two fabrics will marry well. I’m not saying these two fabrics can’t go together (I stitched them together and I like them together, so there), but not every pairing is easily meant to exist. Some will take more work to get there, with some annoying hiccups along the way. Others will go together brilliantly, without effort.

But the effort isn’t bad. Effort gives the project meaning; without having to work for something, how do you know if it’s really worth it? That you really want it?

Happy Thursday, everyone.

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