More Fabric!


Managed to get to City Quilters on 25th Street yesterday afternoon. After much hemming and hawing, I bought another 18 fat quarters to add to the project’s stockpile!

One of the women who works there, asked point blank what I was doing with all the fabric I was buying recently.

“You always only buy fat quarters. They always look nice together, but what are you making with them?”

I showed her a picture of one of the blocks using my iPhone. She was impressed.

SO, if any of you are keeping track of pesky things like how much I’m spending, I’ll admit that I’ve now purchased 54 fat quarters to use along with the random scraps I have at home. I think I’ve spent $176.38 at this point.

This sucker’s gonna be expensive!

I should admit that I had a small epiphany yesterday, after I had washed the new fabrics. I realized that it almost doesn’t matter which fabrics I choose. I started this project thinking that I would try to stay away from solid fabrics and any patterns that might be too “graphic” or “illustration-y.” Maybe it’s my own personal preference for quilting right now, but I wanted to use more “organic” patterns. I believed that anything too graphic would distract from the overall whole of the piece, making it too complicated or visually jarring. But I’m starting to realize that if I stick to my original plan- assembling 1000 of the same blocks that are made of only two fabrics- what individual patterns and colors and combinations I choose just might not matter. Especially if I sew the Cranes in one long banner-like line, the blocks might, in the end, blend and work together to create a very dense color “through-line.” Each piece will be their own unique block, but will function from a distance as one segment in a long chain.

I keep saying that sewing these Cranes- one a day for 1000 days- is a chance for me to meditate on each individual day at take it as it comes: one block at a time, one crane at a time, one day at a time.

Thinking that once this project is assembled and done, the individual differences won’t matter when you look at the big picture seems humbling. Only if you examine closer will you see the details in each Crane.

I can’t think of a better analogy to life and people than that.


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